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  1. Welcome to the Reublic of America. The year is 2130. The deadly disease known as the plague is once again spreading throughout the cities. LA in particular is getting hit the hardest. You are a most wanted criminal by the Republic because you, like the criminal known as day, do not exist in their systems. You are only 16 but a master at causing trouble for the Republic due to your 6 years on the streets. You hand out food to the poor that you steal from the Republic, and hinder the war effort against the colonies.

    As you may have guessed, this RP is based off of the book LEGEND by Marie Lu, and to join this I ask that you have already read the book (or the series) and understand it.

    Le Rules:
    1. Your character must be a female (Mine is the Male)
    2. As mentioned before you play the criminal like Day (yes you failed your trial), this does mean that your character can know of day, or even be working with him and Tess.
    3. There will be romance between your character and mine (My character is going to be the twin of June Iparis and a Prodigy like her)
    4. Just don't disappear on me! If this is boring you, suggest some ideas to spice things up! Or if you have to go for a while, tell me!
    5. Last rule: Have Fun! :)

    Post on this thread to show interest. First person to meet requirements and post is chosen for my partner!
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  2. I think I could get into this idea if you'll have me ^^ I loved the books.
  3. Gladly!
  4. Alright then ^^ So the setting is the same as the first book? Everything is fairly 'normal' for everyone and your character will be hunting mine down I take it?
  5. Yep! Just give me a Character sheet on here with the following info:

    Age (16 or so)
    Ethics(Do your kill or not):
  6. Name:
    Leselie[leh-sell-ee] Tembrook
    -- Nicknamed Selly by friends.
    --Known to the Republic as the famed Vox (latin for voice, as in the voice of the people), though since the word looks so much like fox, people tend to use the fox as a sort of tag for her, or sign for her, though she never uses it. Those who have never seen her, including the Republic, believe that she's a boy.


    A bit like this, though her hair has more of a strawberry tint to it and her eyes are such a bright amber that they look a bit red in the right light
    She also wears a plain black bandana that covers her mouth and nose whenever she does a heist or something.

    Calm and calculated, Selly is careful of how she acts around others. When in public she puts on a headstrong, collected façade in order to put the people at ease. It's an image she needs to keep in order to give the people strength, and make the Republic fear her. She's the Vox after all, the voice of the people, their hope. She forces herself to seem strong, cunning, and proud, to seem invincible in a way. Even when she's around close friends she likes to hide her emotions. After raising herself for six years in the slums, she's learned that emotions can only lead to pain. When she's alone though, the façade peels away. In truth, Selly is quite the gentle girl. She hates violence, the sight of blood usually makes her sick and she has an odd, unbefitting fear of thunderstorms that she acquired when she was a young girl. Beneath the mask of the Vox lies a soft girl who wants nothing but peace for her people, her family.

    Selly grew up in the slums of the republic, just as Dai did, but unlike Dai, Selly never really had much of a family. She was raised by her apathetic mother until she was 10, then the woman passed away and left Selly alone in the world. Things didn't really change, food was still just as hard to come by, and she was still just as alone as when her mother was alive. The only difference was that she no longer wanted to be alone, so, she made the people of the republic her family. She put the poor and needy before herself and everyone came to adore her because of it. Getting food and medicine to those in need is always her priority, it's her reason for living. In the midst of it all, she unwittingly began changing the filthy republic. Sure, she's doing it in a gradual manner, but doing it nonetheless. Of course the Republic was unsure of where she'd gone so they labeled her as deceased, believing that the girl would die on her own anyways at such a young age. She never took her trial, so that, partnered with her label as deceased makes her invisible to the republic.

    The young girl would never kill someone, not unless they were close to killing her. Besides her morals, the sight of blood alone is enough to make her feel sick.

    Whatever she can find. She's a master with throwing knives, as well as poisons and traps. Though she never uses anything fatal, she'll often put an entire line of soldiers to sleep for a few days. She isn't very good at hand to hand combat, so she tends to stick to the shadows and help people from afar. Sabotage is her specialty, much like Dai, only what she does is more to help the people rather than trash the Republic's chances at winning the war. On occasion she'll raid a truck of supplies meant for the front line, but usually she sticks to the city.
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  7. Name: Jason Iparis

    Age: 16

    Appearance: picture-of-Emo-boy.jpg
    No piercings, and Jason is very Pale.

    Personality: Jason is cold, caluclating, and extremly headstrong (stubborn as his teachers call it) on the outside, but when he is with those he trusts (His sister June, and his older brother Metias) he is very kind and loving. He has a big heart with alot of love to give when he opens his shell to somebody.

    History: Jason went through his Trial and scores a perfect 1500, just as June did. Unlike his sister, the boy wasn't turned into the Republic's favoite Prodigy. His skills came out during the college drill classes that he and his sister were in. These skills also came with the nickname 'Ghost' the boy was amazing at being unseen, he could literally disappear like those old heros in movies where a person would see them, blink and the hero would be nowhere to be see. He is strong, fast, and agile. Able to get where he wants when he wants. His aim is so good that it is unheard of the boy is a predator of the night, attacker from shadows. He is highly intelligent. He is deadly. The Republic kept him secret so they could use him to hunt down criminals like Day or Vox. When Metias was murdered, the Republic blamed Vox and Day for the murder. They fast tracked Jason and June through school and deployed them to take Day and Vox into custody. Jason's targeg is Vox. Jason wears Metais's dogtags attached to his own around his neck (or
    in his pocket while undercover) and he swore to Vox 'Your life is mine. I will find you, I will find who you love, I will destroy them while you watch, after I break you, I will destroy you'

    Ethics: Jason has no issue killing hid enemies, but refuses to kill anybody for an unjust reason.

    Weapon: Jason has a Sniper Rifle with a silencer (not when he is acting like a kid from the slums), a pistol (like all republic soldiers), and a combat knife that is hidden in his boot.
  8. So I was thinking during the Skiz Fight where Day and June meet, your character could save mine from some drunk guy with a knife
  9. Sounds good to me. I'll be waiting for the thread~
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