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  1. I got an email.

    Does this automated system really speak on everyone's behalf?

    This is a cruel message to send someone.
  2. You're right, Asmo. I'm sure that only the automated system really wishes you a happy birthday, but didn't want to feel weird about saying it, so it included everyone else.

    In any case, happy birthday, ya old coot! :D
  3. Spare me your forced and superficial praise.
  4. It may be forced and superficial, but you probably giggled like a school girl when I said it anyway.
  5. No.

    I'll never wish you a happy birthday because that'd mean we'd have to toast and I don't do that shit over the web.
  6. The fact that I never get one testifies to its genuine nature.
  7. I wish you nothing more than to gain the clap.

    From the nerd below me.
  8. Fuck you, Asmo, and your stupid birthday thread. >:|
  9. ~I~ wish you a happy birthday Asmoopoo! :3
  10. As do I!

    *Birthday wishing squad!* >w<
  11. hah, only gays and ugly chicks like you, emodeus.
  12. First non-admin birthday in awhile, I'm sure the automated bot just wanted to see if it could get you back.

    As we all know Asmodeus doesn't get birthdays, instead he gets DearlordI'velivedanotheryeardays.
  13. *wheels in a cake that reads "DIE ALREADY"*
  14. *rams Tegan's head in the cake*

    Oh cool, so you're bringing your mum over tonight?
  15. You're the one who wants to bone an old lady, gayus brosius.
  16. Asmo was too much of a pussy to post this at insanity.

    durr hurr
  17. *throws three bricks consecutively at Asmo's house*