Lies, Fears, and Broken Ties

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    Today is the day I cast away
    All the fears I've lived by.

    Side by side we slowly walked
    to the end of the earth and back.

    My hand was held in theirs
    A Vise-Grip to compare
    Locked in place without a trace
    Of strength left in the air.

    My days were as dark as night,
    Though to them I seemed alright.

    My smile was bright,
    My eyes were dim,
    My thoughts stayed on replay of a day, very grim.

    My blood was being burned.
    My trust was being torn.
    My very skin was darkening
    From the bruises that I had worn.

    My second skin was candy coated,
    With the face I couldn't show.

    With love and a family
    With laughs and a dream
    I'd thought it was one of God's nasty schemes.

    To keep me, locked in this nightmare
    To punish me, for thinking
    To rinse me, clean of opinions
    To revive me, to hear the lies.

    I'd ask him for forgiveness
    I'd receive an answer, not
    My life was spirling downwards
    My mind was beginning to rot

    My heart was turning cold
    My mind was giving away
    My love was 3 worlds too far
    My faith was fading away.

    Answer my cries, if someone is there up above
    Remove all these lies, replace them with love!

    Send me a hero to hold and to kiss
    Let there be power to help me dismiss

    The past that has gone and will not return
    My time is right now and its now that I learn

    How to love and too feel and to cherish my life
    How to push through the bad with terrible strife.

    Today I am loved, held, and caressed.
    I now believe I am truely blessed.