Libertine RP Request

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  1. Want to try my hand at a Libertine RP. Sort of want a M Human F Catgirl/Wolf Girl pairing, romantic, but can do about anything else.
    Edit: Tag me so I know of any interest. 1x1 preferred.

    Human Boy x Catgirl
    Human Boy x Wolfgirl
    Vampire x Human Girl
    Human Girl x Human Boy
    Tsundere x Human Boy
    Yandere x Human Boy (Would be fun XD)
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  2. @Arcadia
    I'm up for a HumanxCatgirl 1x1 if you want to.
  3. Yeah! Cool :D
  4. When do we begin? ^^
  5. *cough cough* .-.
  6. Could we try wolfgirl?
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