LF partners for fast paced RPs when we're both online!

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  1. So about me and my RP habits
    Interested in most of RP genres
    I am male, straight, married, 28 years old, just like to RP for fun and to fill my free time at work.
    I work at a tech support call centre, in between calls I have some time in which I am free to do as I please, this time is random depending on the volume of calls.
    That is the only time I'll be at this website RPing, so I need a couple regular RP partners that will be online more or less at same time that can have a quick action oriented RP going on, because it may take me a full day, or more to write a long paragraph.

    I work random 9 hour shifts from 8AM till 8PM, Europe/London hour
    I have 2 days off randomly

    Leave a message if you're interested in RP and if our schedules are compatible to have fun!
  2. Someone close to my timezone, who also is looking to roleplay during the day? Yes please.

    Fantasy, Sci-Fi, ModFantasy, Video Game Based; any of those sound like something you'd be interested in?
  3. Sure thing, all of those.
    Got any plot in mind?
  4. Is bumping aloud here?
  5. i say so cuz i do it all the time xD
  6. I live in the US, IL Central time and I'm used to rping with UK players so I think I can handle another to the list :P

    I'm open to any genre. I LOVE romance, drama and any kind of fantasy. I'm fine with doubling and being either gender. I prefer OCs, unless I know the canon very well.
  7. Hey, send me a PM with some plots you may have in mind then!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.