LF a 1x1 partner, craving some zombie action

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I am looking for one or two (maybe three ^^) one on one's over the inbox.

    I don't really care if you write 1 paragraph or 4, I will give you as much back as you give me.
    I only do FxM pairings with me being the female part.

    I am craving a zombie apocalypse rp at the moment. Something with a lot of action, mixed with romance.

    Other than that, I have two ideas for rps:

    1. (not my personal idea but I read it somewhere and liked it!) People have tattoos on their bodies that help them find their soul mate. The soul mate has the same tattoo but not necessarily on the same body part. The tattoo heats up when near each other. What if a business man / star of any kind, meets his soul mate and she is a girl from the countryside, working on the farm of her parents? Will two worlds collide and end up in a disaster or will they find together and work around the problems that come with the differences of their two worlds
    2. I’m glad you came - A girl helps her mother a lot. All her life she helps with the household and is always there when her mother needs to go to the doctor or just needs someone to spend time with. Because of that she only has got a few friends. They understand why she often can’t go out with them, has no time to go shopping or to the movies. The girl never complains or tells her mom that she doesn’t have time for her. After graduating her best friend wants to take her on a trip to Europe, something the girl has always dreamt of. The friend arranges everything and even has the help of her mother for his plan. Because her mother knows how much her daughter helps her she wants her to start thinking about herself, not anyone else. It takes a bit of time to convince the girl to join her best friend on that trip. Her friend is determined to make the trip the best experience of her life, to show her life has so many other sides than only being there for others. And that there is more between them than friendship. Can he make her glad she came with him or will she regret it? --
    3. Or the friend is new to the group of friends. He has rich parents and while most everyone of the group of friends is working their way to the top of companies, he inherits a large branch of companies. He learns about the girl that rarely goes out with them but he finds her interesting, wants to get to know her more. Eventually he learns about her life, her mother and everything. He decides to take her on a trip to Europe / around the world to show her his side of life. He speaks with her mother, arranges everything and convinces the girl to go with him. His goal? To show her another life, free of problems and worries. And to make her fall for him just like he fell for her.

    If you're interested in rping with me over the inbox, let me know. We can come up with an idea if you don't like the ones listed or want to change something.