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Artwork by Alexandre Cabanel.

~ Lucifer ~

Male || Ancient || Archangel

"I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God; I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north; I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High."

~ Personality ~

At his core, Lucifer is a proud and pitiless being with zero sense of remorse or regret for his actions, though even that description is somewhat of an understatement given his extreme predilection for evil and heartless things. Despite this he is still capable of convincing those he meets that he isn't the most wretched creature in existence, usually by adopting a seemingly good-natured guise – as well as whatever others might be required for the situation or victim at hand. He does this to lure those he is interested in tempting into a false sense of security so that he might gain their trust and more easily corrupt them, bringing them ever further beneath his sway. For while he ultimately seeks to overthrow his creator, he also desires to bring everything that exists beneath his heel, seeing it as his inborn right to be worshipped and revered by all things. When not adopting such a guise or straight up lying to those around him however, Lucifer will often drop all manner of pretense and treat everyone he meets with the same amount of unbridled arrogance and disdain, often going so far as to berate some of his most powerful servants for the smallest of slights, something that has given him the reputation for being a dark god prone to extreme outbursts of rage and spite. Finally, every relationship Lucifer forms is created out of a wholly selfish sense of greed, lust, or need for personal advancement rather than actual care, concern, or love. This is why most of the angels who fell alongside him tend to enter his presence with a healthy amount of fear-tinged awe, the fact he is their king aside, and rarely challenge his authority or get involved with him on a personal level lest they incur his wrath and be swept aside like chafe in the wind.


Perfection. That is the only word, nay, the only concept that truly does justice to the Adversary's appearance. Be he in human guise or spiritual form, a descent into the depths of the pit has done little to diminish Lucifer's status as the most perfect and beautiful being in all of creation, aside from God himself of course. Not even Michael and the other archangels can compare to him when it comes to pure majesty and strength. In regards to a form that is physical, Lucifer has one face that he dons more than all the rest. Verily, it is the only one he truly considers his own. Thus it is that–when taking a form which can be both seen and felt–Lucifer will appear most often as a man, tall in stature and godlike in physique, with wings whose feathers are like unto a gradually darkening rainbow and locks akin to a sea of curling brass. In stark contrast to this, however, his eyes hold a malice that is as calculating as it is cold, the flame of benevolence and wisdom that once illuminated them having been snuffed out entirely. This is not to say that he cannot take other forms as well–for he is a liar, yea the father of them–merely that he prefers one over all the rest. For what is the flesh and bone but a mask one chooses to wear?

~ Biography ~

Among the first beings ever created by YHWH, Lucifer is the second most powerful and perfect entity in all of existence, rivaled in stature only by God himself. Despite this inherent perfection, however, the archangel suffered from one major flaw, that being pride. Pride in what he was and what he could do with or without God. A pride so insidious that it needed naught but the right trigger to bring about his fall, one that came all too suddenly when YHWH created man after his own image and bade the angels kneel. Something Lucifer refused to do as he considered it a travesty; for in his eyes the divine flame had been sullied by the profane, polluted by clay made flesh and diluted almost to impotency. Following this the war in heaven began, which saw Lucifer sway a third of the heavenly host to his side with promises of freedom, authority, and power over the kingdom of man, as it should have been from the very beginning. Though the war raged for untold eons before and after the foundations of the universe were first laid (for the Elohim, just like their father, are not bound by time in the slightest), in the end their efforts were ultimately for naught, and the rebels were cast out one and all. Banished from God's heavenly light, they were forced to make their way in the chaotic wastes of Hell, eventually creating a permanent habitation there alongside every foul and unclean thing. Yet even now Lucifer and his servants refuse to submit in spite of the apparent futility of their cause. They have not forgotten the glory for which they once fought, nor the dominion for which they once bled. Verily they shall never forget, and indeed shall not rest until everything in creation is rendered subservient unto them.

~ Powers & Abilities ~

John 8:44 – Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

Ezekiel 28:14 – Thus saith the Lord GOD; Thou sealest up the sum, full of wisdom, and perfect in beauty. Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created. Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth; and I have set thee so: thou wast upon the holy mountain of God; thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire. Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee.

1 Peter 5:8 – Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.

In short, Lucifer is perfect in every way, not to mention a consummate liar – and even in that regard he is perfect in every manipulation. The first to murder, the first to rebel, the first to fall, he is above and beyond all of creation in a way that only his creator can supersede. Even so, Michael and the other archangels can overcome him with coordinated effort and overwhelming force, as his fall following the war's end clearly demonstrates.
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▬▬ Ossanukresedrom ▬▬

"I shall do whatever it takes to assure our victory, damned be the cost."


Artwork by Time-Lord-Rassilon.

▬▬ AGE ▬▬
3rd Incarnation – 642 years old.

▬▬ GENDER ▬▬


Time Lord/Gallifreyan.

Gallifrey – Doctor Who.

Ossan stands at an average height of 5'9. Beneath the armor and robes, however, stands a dark-skinned man whose weathered face, steely countenance, and calculating gaze could send ice surging through even the coldest of veins. Or at the very least a noticeable amount of discomfort. As for his hair (a deep shade of what appears to be onyx or perhaps ebony when cast in the right light), he keeps it cut short and slicked back so it doesn't interfere with the proper utilization of his gear. His face he keeps clean-shaven for the reasons mentioned above. Finally, his eyes are an unusual, to most non-Gallifreyans anyway, color of hazel.

Ossan is equal parts ruthless, determined, and cunning. Although arrogance and a fear of failure undercut his perspective on the world, that isn't anything out of the ordinary for a Time Lord. And it certainly isn't enough to stop him from operating undercover or assuming guises as needed. When among his own people and not burdened by the concerns of war, he has his fair share of hobbies. Studying stellar processes and creating stasis cube paintings being two of the most prominent. Several of his favorite pieces involve little slices of time that were frozen and stored mere moments before a star went supernova, or a black hole evaporated, or a planet formed. Ossan also, loathe as he might be to admit it, enjoys a lot of the foods lesser species consume, their fare being—on average—leagues better than the flavorless white nutrient cubes and depressing gray pastes most living within the Capitol or Arcadia usually consume. These dishes might not be as nutritionally dense comparatively, but it's hard to deny that they have the upper hand insofar as flavor is concerned.

Ossan's history leading up to and through the War is... tricky to navigate to say the least. Forget the fact that he was/is involved in a conflict where the laws of linearity and logic often ended/end up as mere suggestions by the end of the day, being in the CIA alone makes tracking down any kind of concrete information on him difficult at best, and downright impossible at worst. Operatives within that organization aren't exactly known for their open and forthcoming natures after all. Not on the cloneworld that Ossan hails from anyway. Still, some events can definitely be assumed using deductive reasoning. For example: we can reasonably presume that Ossan, like most Gallifreyans who wished to become Time Lords, was taken from his family to attend the Academy at the age of eight, as per tradition. We can also assume that it is here where he stared into the Untempered Schism, learned a majority of his non-incursion related skills, and picked up some of his later hobbies. It is what comes after where events become a bit more muddled. At some point following his graduation, the Celestial Intervention Agency took notice of him and, believing him to be a valuable asset, extended their offer of recruitment.

An offer he gratefully accepted.

Things become murky here, however, on account of the fact that—due to the numerous levels of secrecy involved in the CIA's work—his entire history up to that point had been more or less erased. Where he came from, what Chapter he hailed from (if any), and even what room he stayed in during his time at the Academy. All Matrix records regarding or so much as referring to Ossan were carefully censored and manipulated to ensure that, if anyone did go looking, all they would find was a man who didn't officially exist. Not that they could've done so in the first place of course, what with mass memory alteration being what it is. Students who worked and studied alongside him recall knowing someone, an anonymous colleague they toiled beside perhaps, but when pressed could not tell you anything about them save for the vaguest and most generic of details. And his time within the CIA isn't any better, as all of those missions were kept under wraps too. Eventually the War came and Ossan was kept busier than he had ever been before, launching covert operation after operation against the Enemy as the CIA did everything in its power to prevent both Gallifrey's greatest foe and meddlesome neutral parties like Faction Paradox from gaining the upper hand.

As the conflict continued to rage endlessly across seemingly every corner of time and space, it became readily apparent that victory would never come. Not for Gallifrey anyway, not without a massive shift in strategy. So the High Council and Great Houses altered course. Where once they had busied themselves with creating new weapons or stratagems to defeat their enemy, now they focused on pure survival. Thus it was that the Nine Homeworlds project was finally initialized. Through the process of crypto-forming, the High Council and acting President scattered numerous duplicates of the world across the multiverse to ensure at least one iteration of their society survived. These were inevitably destroyed as the War in Heaven progressed, leaving only the original—or what its inhabitants considered to be the original—behind. Having fallen under siege, the CIA launched a new initiative. One Ossan would be heading. His mission? To find a new reality to which the planet could be relocated or, barring that, a weapon that would assure Time Lord victory and see a permanent end to the war as a whole.

Unfortunately a heretofore unforeseen disturbance occurred as he was traveling through the Vortex, throwing a wrench in this carefully laid plan and sending Ossan spiraling into parts unknown.

Regeneration: Regeneration was the process of "molecular readjustment" by which Time Lords and others renewed themselves, causing a complete physical and often psychological change. It could happen because of severe illness, old age, fatigue, or injury. It could also be invoked by choice, whether voluntary or involuntary. Conversely, regeneration could be prevented by choice, although choosing not to regenerate from fatal damage was essentially an act of suicide. However, a Time Lord could delay the actual change in appearance and enter "a state of grace" for a brief period of time. Precise damage to a Time Lord could also cause a delay in the regeneration starting. There was a general lack of consensus upon whether regeneration was a natural process which all Gallifreyans possessed, a natural process which the Time Lords developed through exposure to the Time Vortex or the Eye of Harmony, or if it was a manufactured process, created through experimentation, and possibly by being stolen from other beings predating the Time Lords.

Regeneration was described by the scientist Davros as "the ancient magic of the Time Lords", and was also described as "witchcraft" by the Sycorax.

Time Lords released massive amounts of a hormone called lindos in moments of extreme trauma, and it was this hormone which triggered regeneration. Newly regenerated Time Lords could be identified by elevated levels of lindos in their system. Time Lords were also said to have "packets" of regeneration energy in their bodies, one for each life. These packets could be physically removed from a Time Lord's body, essentially robbing them of their regenerations. During regeneration, a Time Lord experienced a surge of pure regenerative energy, as their entire system was rewritten and their universe molded into a new shape, with their very biodata being rewritten in the fabric of spacetime. Unfortunately, their immune systems were seriously weakened as the process took place, with the result being that they could be infected by viruses such as the Faction Paradox biodata virus that would normally have had no effect on them. On a wider scale, regenerations were so important to a Time Lord's timeline that even minor temporal paradoxes during the process of regeneration could have devastating consequences.

Though Time Lords could regenerate after severe injuries, regeneration was by no means guaranteed. Artron energy was crucial to the regenerative process, meaning Time Lords were unable to regenerate if they did not have any Artron energy in their body. The regenerative process could also be destroyed by acid or by exposures to substances, such as anesthetics meant for humans, which were toxic to the Gallifreyan body. Certain energy weapons, such as stasers provided they had the correct modifications, could also prevent the regenerative process.

The degree of control that Time Lords had over their end appearance was unclear. The First Rani stated, "Most Time Lords are at the mercy of fate after death." She desired the ability to definitively control the outcome of her appearance upon regeneration and attempted to learn how to do this by studying Koturian Phasing. Her attempt failed, however, because she was not in love with the man she was engaged to, which was the catalyst for Phasing. The Master had the ability to control the appearance of each of their regenerations. Indeed, the mortally wounded War Master decided that his next incarnation would be "young and strong" to match the Tenth Doctor. In contrast, Missy claimed to have had no influence over her then present form.

Psychic Capabilities: Time Lords displayed the ability of touch-enabled mental manipulation; this manifested itself in a number of different ways, including hypnosis, mind-reading, thought sharing, the ability to relieve dementia, putting others to sleep, influencing others' dreams, and memory erasure. They could also transfer knowledge quickly to another person by headbutting them.

Time Lords were telepathically linked to one another and could join the entire Time Lord intelligence as one. They could hold telepathic conversations over distances, but this was more difficult. They could converse with each over the astral plane, although this ability required intense concentration, and an interruption might have fatal consequences for the Time Lord in question. Their telepathy extended to less intelligent animals. Perhaps because of this, they had an innate ability to understand any language. In ancient times, Gallifreyans who were capable of blocking out the telepathic thoughts of other Gallifreyans were called Individuals. They usually had red-gold hair and often went on to become Young Heroes.

They were highly resistant against, if not immune to, other forms of mind control. However, they were vulnerable to more powerful forms of mind control, such as the types employed by Morpho, the Great Vampires, and Sutekh. Time Lords shared a special mental connection to the structure of history. The chakras of the Time Lord nervous system could detect contours in the Time Vortex. Time Lords also felt an instinctive gut revulsion towards fixed points in time.

Humans who absorbed a Time Lord's life energy received an imprint of the Time Lord's personality and mindset.

▬▬ SKILLS ▬▬
Piloting (B-Excellent): Knows his way around a timeship and can quickly master the rudimentary controls used to pilot more primitive machines.

Temporal Engineering (D-Slightly Above Average): A large portion of his job involves working with devices that alter the flow or properties of time. Thus, it always pays to be knowledgeable on how to maintain, repair, and even create more of them as the need should arise. Something Ossan can do just fine. When compared to some of the exemplars in this field like Rassilon or Omega though, he's got more in common with a village bumpkin than a bonified genius.

Temporal Espionage & Incursion (A-Master): He's a veteran member of a secretive organization dedicated to enacting interventionist policy on the rest of creation at the Lord or Lady President and Coordinator's behest, while simultaneously providing plausible deniability to the High Council by hiding any and all traces of his activities at the same time. It's hard to get more skilled in operating under the radar than that. Like the Agency's motto says: "The story changes, the ending stays the same."

Close-Quarters-Combat (D-Slightly Above Average): Considering the fact that most threats Ossan and his people face are incomprehensible terrors on the best of days and literal memory or timeline altering constructs on the worst, there isn't much in the way of CQC training to be found on Gallifrey. Sure, some of the later Regen-inf Waves got pan-dimensional kung fu skills after regenerating into the same form as the Elder Things, and then used that to fight the Enemy in higher realms or destroy said realms outright, but Ossan's just your average agent. He knows enough to defend himself somewhat competently, and his species' mildly superhuman physiology gives him an edge against most baseline entities, but that's about it.

Ranged Combat/Energy Weapons (C-Above Average): While he's definitely more skilled when it comes operating without being noticed, Ossan isn't a slouch when it comes to shooting either. Granted, he wasn't trained to be, but still. Although he's nowhere near as good as the average member of Gallifrey's armed forces, he won't be hitting a target from fifty yards away anytime soon, he's still skilled enough by Time Lord standards to hold his own in a firefight should it come to that.

Field Specialist Uniform (Temporal Incursion): The FS designation of the CIA uniform is for those missions where a Time Lord agent will conduct extended temporal operations, whereby he or she remains in the field of temporal manipulation due to the need to shepherd a species towards a specifically designed pattern, one laid out in accordance with the CIA's Coordinator and Lord President's declarations following extensive deliberation. These uniforms come with a specialized helmet that is outfitted with timeline analysis software and a quantum micro-burst signal connection to the Matrix on Gallifrey. These helmets can thusly predict specific percentages of how a historical event will occur within the wearer's sphere of intervention. These complex calculations will change much of the universe, with the natural exception of Gallifrey given its hold over the Web of Time. The operation pack of the Field Specialist is dimensionally transcendental as well, and contains all the weapons, gear, tech, and mobile housing any Time Lord would need to survive in the wilds of spacetime.

One of the more notable aspects of this piece of kit is the fact that it is equipped with a multi-phase level perception filter. A device that, when coupled with cloaking technology, can make the operative virtually invisible to almost any being. This pack also includes a built-in temporal field inhibitor, activated via switch, that allows the agent in question to slow the flow of time temporarily in order to escape dangerous situations in which there appears to be no clear way out. Furthermore, while an operative could pull a full-sized sedan out of this pack (assuming they could cram one in there to begin with naturally), the total weight they would carry while said vehicle was nestled within would be less then a few grams thanks to its dimensionally transcendental properties. The helmet will also protect the wearer from noxious gases, and can access a special oxygen-nitrogen tank system built within the pack itself. Every item a Temporal Incursion Field Specialist would need to survive and complete their mission is stored within this pack. A properly stocked operation pack can, therefore, sustain a Time Lord operative for over a thousand years if need be, supplies and all. Only veteran CIA agents will suit up and go on long-term missions such as these however, and most are situated in very dangerous territories or environments.
  • Tactical Helmet: Psychically linked to the operator. Maintains a live feed to the Matrix via its connection through the Time Vortex. The helmet can also display data the operator is thinking about reviewing or accessing. Finally, the helmet is bio-imprinted on and keyed to the operator's genetic code to ensure that unauthorized use cannot occur in the event that it should be... misplaced.
  • Operations Pack: Reacts psychically to the Time Lord operative, and will produce from its inventory whatever the operative requires. Provided, of course, that the item in question has been deposited within its inventory to begin with. Some examples include, but are certainly not limited to: tubes which connect the helmet to the suit's tank system in order to provide breathable air, a switch that activates the pack's temporal field inhibitor—which slows time to the point that it appears to have stopped—and even extra rations, just to name a few.
  • Time Ring: Time Rings, also known as Time Bracelets, are small temporal and spatial travel devices created by the Time Lords. The first Time Rings were worn on the wrist. Later models were worn on the finger, once Time Rings had become more compact. The one Ossan wears bears the CIA's insignia on its face, a black swirl that resembles a black hole.

Staser: Stasers have both lethal and non-lethal settings, and fire an unspecified type of directed energy. They are relatively harmless to entities or creatures comprised of inorganic matter, but cause massive tissue disruption (and thus damage) to living creatures, typically disfiguring their corpses to the point that they become downright unrecognizable. The staser Ossan carries has been modified to inhibit a Time Lord's regenerative process as well, making it capable of killing one in a single shot should the need arise. This was done to combat certain renegades who had defected to the ranks of Faction Paradox during the opening years of War in Heaven, at least before they started developing their own paradoxical defenses to the weapon's effects. Unlike some other models, it does not have a stun setting and cannot be tuned to induce successive regenerations for the purposes of torture or coercion. At least not without him making significant modifications to the most fundamental aspects of its design anyway.

Sonic Screwdriver: Ossan's sonic is quite plain, appearing as little more than a black pen light with a golden beam, that you wouldn't be surprised to find in your average office supplies store or 21st century workspace. When in use, it makes a very faint whirring sound. One reminiscent of a cicada's cry during the height of summer, albeit far less grating on the ears.

  • Ruthless: When the ends justify the means, no course of action is too abhorrent to consider. Although he does not necessarily enjoy the cruel deeds he must commit as a more sadistic individual would, he will commit them anyway in service of what he perceives to be the greater good.
  • Determined: Won't quit, don't quit. You'll need to put Ossan in the dirt before he so much as contemplates surrender, and even that might not be enough. Good if you need a staunch ally who won't flinch at a task no matter how high the odds are stacked against him.
  • Pragmatic: During his tenure as an operative within the CIA, Ossan has become widely known for the pragmatic and highly efficient manner in which he goes about solving problems. Be that conducting an assassination, engaging in a bit of temporal espionage, or otherwise, he isn't one to waste time on frivolously outlandish plans or self-aggrandizing monologues. Whatever gets the job done according to the given specifications works just fine for him.

  • Ruthless: There is no room for mercy nor weakness in war. Only with great sacrifice can salvation truly be attained, a lesson the War has taught Ossan well. He will not hesitate to kill, imprison, or even permanently maim anyone and anything that gets in the way of his mission to ensure not only the continued survival of Gallifrey, but the preservation of Time Lord supremacy as well.
  • Determined: Ossan tends to pursue whatever mission he has been assigned almost single-mindedly, and frames everything in terms of what helps him complete that mission rather than focusing on forming genuine relationships with those he has aligned himself to. In both cases he is not incapable of working with others, and will indeed do so if it proves to be more beneficial or expedient than working alone, but he won't go out of his way pull your ass out of the fire either.
  • Failure: Ossan fears failure. Not only because it will spell the complete eradication of his people at the hands of the Enemy, but also the complete removal of their entire chronology, past, present, and future as well. Everything he will have done up to this point could be erased and replaced by something utterly alien if he makes so much as a single mistake. This has led him to become somewhat of a perfectionist, at least in regards to his own schemes anyway.
  • Pride: Let's face it, Time Lords are pretty arrogant, and Ossan is no different. While he is more than capable of swallowing his pride to a large degree in service of the mission, he still harbors a rather strong down-the-nose view of all non-Gallifreyans deep inside, and his translocation to god knows where in the wider cosmos hasn't changed this one iota. After all, these villains—as they style themselves—are little more than children playing with forces beyond their capacity to imagine, let alone comprehend.

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Any info about such character? I'd be interested to read and see more about this character? If you can try showing images and other details on the character. I'm sure a lot of users on this site would like to know more about your character.
Any info about such character? I'd be interested to read and see more about this character? If you can try showing images and other details on the character. I'm sure a lot of users on this site would like to know more about your character.
If this is in reference to my 1x1 int check, then I'm sorry to say that this is the wrong thread to reply in. This is my general storage area for characters that I've made/am making for roleplays, and all three of the above have nothing to do with that check as they're character concepts for Evrensel. I appreciate the interest, however, though I would advise we continue any conversations regarding it over here.
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