Leviathan-Myth Realm of the Dragons

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  1. Do YOU have what it takes to become a guardian of dragons? Complete challenging quests? Vie for top lair? If so, Leviathan Myth is the game for you! Here you may raise hatchling dragons from the egg and strive to become the most powerful dragon master in all of LM. During this journey, you may also hunt for prey, raise livestock on your farm, mix powerful potions and test your skills as a guardian of dragons. We welcome you to enter the world of Leviathan Myth.

    Leviathan Myth has recently re-opened after a 10 month development period and is ready for new players! The game has much to offer, from breeding dragons with very in-depth genetics, battling other dragons, and raising the strongest dragons on Leviathan Myth! If raising dragons doesn't interest you, the forum offers a nice place to meet other players, chat, buy and sell art as well as roleplay. There's something for everyone at Leviathan Myth!

    Enter the Realm of the Dragons