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    Hey everyone! I've been inactive but I'm sort of back, mostly-lurking, and I was wondering if anyone had an interest in some sort of rp in which there is a cap of 1-2 sentences per post - but with a writing level of intermediate+, or maybe even adept+ or advanced+.

    Of course, any of the possible horrible things could happen:

    -Extremely erratic pacing
    -Huge clash in writing style (poetry vs. stark prose)
    -Huge clash in posting speeds (some people can churn out good sentences very quickly, some people will labour over each word.)
    -Clashes between quantity of dialogue vs description (writing style, I guess)

    and other unpredictable disasters!

    On the other hand we could potentially get a story that is dense and poetic and starkly clear and beautiful and a literal collaborative story to stick on tumblr or wattpad or dA or wherever you post things.

    Honestly I don't know this idea excites and scares me and I felt like I should post something instead of just lurking. Any suggestions? Interest? Disinterest? Discussion?

    @Yiyel tagging you because you said you'd be interested in any crazy ideas I churn up and also hi I exist again
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  2. YES.

    All of the yes.

    Thanks for remembering me, and welcome back :D

    But yeah - I'm definitely in. Hit me up if you have any ideas, otherwise I'll hit you up later tonight when I'm in.
  3. I love "less is more" in writing. Hard but fun and impressive when you get it right. I might be interested if this comes to fruition. xD
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  4. Ah, I'm glad, @Marionette! If I ever toss this into the jump-ins I'll let you know.

    Anyone else? o3o
  5. @Shade_XY noted! :D
    Anyone else? o3o

    Might toss a test-run into jump-ins soon.
  6. I can do this. In poetry, I am wiz!
  7. Well this will do for now. I'm throwing this into jump-ins and alerting you all. No idea how active I'll be and this will be totally experimental....

    Let's see how this goes.

  8. I also want alerted. This could be a challenge yet require little commitment.
  9. I like the idea.
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