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    I would like to do another world-building roleplay with someone, this will turn into group roleplay that is GMed by us and we will share our world with the eyes of others and hope some shall enjoy it.

    I can adjust to any style, but do not expect me to only play the 'aggressive' one. I prefer us to be equals that come up with lots of ideas with unending possibilities!

    Saying this, I would like a partner whom has a good understanding of grammar and understands capitalization and punctuation. I make grammar mistakes time to time and it's alright if you do, truly I'm looking for more than just a partner.

    I'm looking for a FRIEND, a person who I can joke with and also write a story with at the same time.

    So.. that's what I want and I hope to find an awesome person to work with!
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  2. Badumpadump.
  3. I'm interested!
  4. I wouldn't mind helping out with creating a world. :3 So I'd be willing.
  5. Message me! I have proof as to how I looooove to build worlds and write stories. :)
  6. I would like to ask all of you, if you are still interested that is, if you are all willing to band together with me and create a massive world that we can be proud of and create many stories about! So how 'bout it?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.