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    1. Hello dear friends! I'm RJ. I have an idea for a role-play and I need a specific person or two or three. I do enjoy role-playing the same plot with different people because each person will bring me something new.

      What I need from you:
      • Must be over the age of 18
      • Must be willing to play male & female
      • Be creative
      • Be understanding
      • Must be able to talk OOC
      • Willing to write out sexy scene (but o.k with black outs)
      • Have an interesting character

      In the next post I will post the plot.
      I am a busy person between work and school. Sometimes I just enjoy drinking with my friends and I forget to respond, but just send me a message. If anything follow me I keep my statues updated as much as possible. So I write about 3 paragraphs 4 if you give me enough to work off of. I will give and take from you whether it is ideas or post length. I prefer PM so please shoot me a message if you are interested.

    1. On long lonely nights (character A) likes to go to a classical club called, "My pleasure." This place offers a number of services to it's members. Parties amongst adults who enjoy pleasing each other to simple parties of wine and casual lingerie atire. They have many activities available such as brunch, a library, and also a wonderful sex shop that (character A) is very fond of. Many people gather here for various reasons whether for something sexual or just to have a chat with someone.

      Interested? Send me a message. This idea just popped into my head so I do not have a set plot, but I do have azn idea of where I want it to go. This will involve a lot of brain storming before we start actually writing.

      Thanks for your interest!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.