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  1. I've been here for who knows how long and I've gotten the strongest lust for a ninja RP. Something action packed, romantic,and TOTALLY BEAST! >:D (sorry that was my inner jock O_O)

    Any ideas on plots, setting, and character builds I am open to any opinions >:3

    Now please watch the following video and ee if this does not interest you:
  2. I like the idea of a ninja rp but i have no ideas :P
  3. NINJAS.
    -completely ignores the video.-
  4. The video reminded me somewhat of Monty Oum's work. Are any of you familiar with Haloid or Dead Fantasy?
  5. The video is basically what got me to thinking about making one. :P Problem being is i'm alittle brain dead on idea for a plot at the moment. @_@. Though thus far, I've been brainstorming during class to find out somehing clearer yet deadly >8).

    So heres a thought:

    Find an awsome video of:

    A martial arts battle
    A ninja from a game
    pictures etc

    If these give us a few ideas, then it'll probably be easier to make a plot. :D
  6. [video=youtube;LtC6V2LBIKw][/video]
    Best game<3

    or something.
  8. OOOh Nice one Staci
    -gives Staci a hug-
    I shall find another idea-
  9. I thought of a crazy idea - well, not as crazy as aliens versus ninjas. The son of a disgraced ninja returns to his father's clan to clear his name. At the same time, the clan is preparing to send another team to fight in the name of the Emperor for the glory of Japan. The year is 1942. The Philippines and southeast Asia have fallen, China is in ruins, Austrailia is threatened, there is fighting in Guadalcanal and the Aleutians, and Pearl Harbor is still fresh in minds of those living in Hawaii and along the west coast of America. In each of these, ninjas had a hand. Japanese-Americans, regardless of immigration status are living in concentration camps in the deserts of eastern California and western Arizona and Nevada, or else are reviled as potential traitors. However, with the threat of ninja infiltration of North America in the back of everyone's mind, Japanese-Americans with ninja training have the chance to prove thier good citizenship. Our fallen ninja settled in San Francisco and started a family after he (or she) was exiled from the clan, and now resides in one of the concentration camps.

    Think of this as ninja versus the original GI Joe (not those goons that fight Cobra Commander and give public service announcements to kids) with the added bonus of conflict of loyalties. Perhaps even a three way battle between ninjas, the US military, and loyal US citizens of Japanese descent.
  10. ​oooh. . . . I kinda like it. 8D EVIL CONCENTRATION CAMP NINJAS TOO.
  11. Ninja Gaiden is an AWESOME series just for the satisfaction of killing demons and shredding humans apart! Ryu is one BAMF.

    Here is some of Monty Oum's stuff. It's pretty awesome, see if it gives you guys any ideas.
  12. Well, to use the technical terms of the day, the camps would be called either Internment Camps or War Relocation Centers. If you've ever read Journey to Topaz or Farewell to Manzanar, then you'll know the kind of concentration camps I'm talking about.
  13. ​8D. . . nope.
  14. Here's what i think seals the deal >:3

  15. Awesome video Hirohasi :P
  16. So, everybody has a concept of ninja to play. So how about we put the pieces together?
  17. Aliens vs Ninjas.
  18. *joana jamason voice*
    I like it, write, make it, do it.
  19. ​You fail a bit right there. :D BUT A FOR EFFORT.