Lets talk about anything.

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  1. I'm pretty bored and could use people to just talk whatever with. Doesn't matter what it is just something that's entertaining.
  2. This should be in insanity.
  3. You know that Newbs can't enter the Asylum Vay!

    But you're right.

    Kahj, might I suggest you go use the chat?
  4. Anything, as you have used it, is a pronoun. It's an 8 letter word, used to encompass any object, occurrence, or matter whatever. It can also be used as an adverb or even a noun.

  5. why is this in insanity
  6. Because we are trying to increase the standards here?
  7. If this is an increase in standards, I can see why Insanity is such a horrible place.
  8. Ahem.
    My friends, what truly is insanity? Could it be described as crazy? Nonsense, I must say. I believe, it is rather the state of mind in which the person can no longer handle reality. It is in fact a time when that person feels to afraid, angry, or confused. For example, an insane man had been attacked and haunted by an otherworldly force and thus became insane. That man could no longer differenciate his world from another, and his mind soon fell apart. Theac an, er... CUT!

    I'll work on that later.
    First post in the Asylum, and it's not chaotic or stupid.
  9. In that case, you need to edit your post.

    Also, it was ME who moved this thread here. And I was hard when I did it.
  10. Can we talk about puppies?!


    I like puppies...

    they're so.
    ​they're so cute..

  11. I don't know if that's entertaining enough for Awkward Car Seat.
  12. Did you know Autolysis begins occurring about four minutes after death?
  13. Autolysis started in Insanity a long time ago.
  14. Insanity was never alive.
  15. Yeah we've kind of all been taking shits in the same collective pit without cleaning it out, and this is what we've gotten.
  16. I personally see insanity as a state of being. We cannot choose to go insane no matter how hard we might wish it, we can chose to put ourselves into situations that might draw us closer to a point where we no longer see reality, but the difference between insanity and abnormality is quite large. Many people see something is abnormal and jump to say it is insane, where as I think the word 'Insanity' has lost its true definition/meaning from being thrown around a lot. Insanity is something we cannot comprehend until we have experienced it. It is the same as saying the word 'Blue' and seeing the colour blue. We know only a fragment of its potential, and we may never know it until we cross the line where we cannot return. where Anger, Hatred, Sadness, Confusion, Regret and many other emotions collide and the separating lines all mingle together like worms.

    Just felt like speaking.
  17. We got trolled.
  18. Trolled with philosophy, that's the worse!