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    Hiya I'm Sukiedog, I would love to roleplay with you!

    About me:
    ~I am female, I also work for a living.
    ~I can type up to a paragraph but prefer just a few lines, depending on my muse and if I'm being lazy. >.<
    ~ I am not a grammar or spelling freak, we all make mistakes, if I can read it then we don't have a problem, just not text talk please.
    ~ I love Romance :3
    ~I will try to tell you when I leave though it might not always be possible so please be patient with me.
    ~Sorry but I only play straight characters, nothing against anyone else, i just don't know how to do them and I feel awkward doing it.
    ~I can play both genders but I prefer to double up. (I love doubling.)
    ~I prefer to do rps over Pm's. (I just keep track of things better there.)
    ~ I have no triggers, so please tell me if you have any.
    ~ I can attempt cannons for you but please understand that I might not be the best at them, sorry!

    What I roleplay:
    ~Humans with powers
    ~Almost any animal
    ~ Arranged marriage
    ~Furries, Anthro or feral (though my furries are only drawn in Feral at the moment)
    ~Most supernatural creatures( not the show)
    -Creature x creature
    - Creature x human
    - Creature x hunter
    ~Demon x human
    ~End of the world type stuff
    ~ The 100
    ~ Fairy tail (would love this one right now!!!!!) (Preferably a next generation!)
    ~ Maze runner
    There is more I just cant think of right now >.< so feel free to throw ideas at me!

    What i don't do:
    ~ Doctor who(have not seen)
    ~Sherlock (have not seen)
    ~other things I have not seen >.<

    So shoot me a pm if interested!

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  2. I could do a next generation fairy tail with you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.