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  1. Hello! It is I, Xandra, and I welcome you to my thread!

    My posting can be sporadic, I warn you now.

    Partners of all writing levels are accepted.

    All genders are played equally by me.

    MxF, MxM and FxF are all good.

    If I specify character genders in a plot or pairing, I am not willing to change them.

    Romance is great, but I am more than happy to branch off and do other things.

    Triggering content may often be described in my writing. My partners should make me aware of their limits and triggers prior to us beginning the roleplay to avoid me writing something that will be upsetting to them.

    Post length is something I do not concern myself too much with. I simply match the post length of my partners.

    I use PMs for planning and leave the option to switch to a thread for the roleplay up to my partner.

    I am perfectly comfortable playing multiple characters in a roleplay.

    A plot that I want to try out involves my female character having been in several abusive relationships with both men and women, and she finally realizes that the older woman who has been there for her every time she was hurt and after each relationship ended is the person she deserves to be with. I want there to be lots of complications and drama following her realization.

    Aliens, angels, demons, dragons, elementals, vampires, shapeshifters, werewolves and ghosts have all been lacking in my roleplays lately. I would like to change that.

    Something set during a pandemic interests me a lot. I do not have any particulars in mind though.

    Adoption is something I have not had to chance to do in quite a while. I like playing characters who are in the process of getting adopted, in foster-care wanting to be adopted or recently found out they were adopted.

    Killer spouses who kill for each other frequently and are excellent at not getting caught find themselves being hunted by a group of powerful criminals who they have managed to piss off to an extreme is another one I have been wanting to do.

    Some pairings~

    teacher[f] x student[m or f] - I strongly prefer to play the student.
    professor[f] x student[m]
    band member x band member
    open x closeted
    writer x character
    prisoner x prisoner
    criminal[f] x cop's kid[m or f]
    kidnapper[f] x victim[f]
    superhero x villain

  2. I would love to roleplay with you. Writer x character sounds really interesting also band member x band member ^^
  3. Awesome. I'll PM you to discuss the details.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.