Let's Play the Exquisite Corpse Game!

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    READ THIS FIRST if you want to participate!

    Alright, the exquisite corpse game is basically where each writer or artist makes the next piece, while only seeing the piece the previous one made. I'd like to do it with paragraphs of a story.

    Here's how it's to go. I will be posting the first paragraph of a story. The next person will read my paragraph, and make their own. The person after that will NOT read my paragraph, only the second person's paragraph; the fourth will read the third person's paragraph, and so on. Of course, it's really no fun if nobody ever gets to read it, so I'll go ahead and say it's alright to read the previous page of posts, once that page and two additional posts are finished.

    Note that a paragraph should be 3-10 sentences to avoid any one player having too little or too much influence on the story. Also, you are allowed to reread your own posts, and post multiple times, just don't reply to yourself or the person who replied to you. (So, since I'm writing the first post, I can't respond for two more posts. There have to be at least 3 players, though hopefully there will be more.)

    Here's the first paragraph. (please put all story paragraphs in spoilers to avoid accidental readings)
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    Once upon a time there was a man named Charlie. This man happened to be an absolute idiot, unfortunately for him, and when his mother (who he was still living with at the age of twenty-two) sent him to buy banana bread, he came back with a pet monkey. He decided to name his pet monkey Bobo, but of course his mother wasn't happy about having a monkey around the house and finally got up her courage to throw her son out. "Go on," she said, "see the world!" So Charlie took his pet Bobo, his trusty sword, and left town.
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    While he was walking he noticed that he had no money in his wallet at all. So he decided that he needs a job to get a house. With his pet monkey named Bobo he walks into a redtraunt looking like he just came out of a dumpster. "I would like to apply for a job here please" said by Charlie. "I am sorry sir but you are not welcome here this is a fine retraunt and we can't just let anyone get a job here, you need to attend a four year college before you can remotly even start to work here". So Charlie looking down and sad with a hint of anger walks out of the restraunt and says "Man I already hate the real world".
  3. In the Shadow Realm, nothing has really happened. Phoenix caught an assassin trying to sneak into his palace and he sent the prisoner to his cells only for him to escape. It still early
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  5. Looks like I've got some COMPETITION for the King of the Clouds huh....

    Game on.
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    Charlie awoke with a start, noting that a traveling hotdog kiosk was rolling by, its attendants seemingly unaffected by the radiation. He jumped to his feet as quickly as he could and then chased after the kiosk as it continued on, trying to catch up. He raced after and then finally came upon it. With glee, he ordered a hotdog and then searched around his pockets as the man held the tasty unhealthy meal. Alas, he was broke, and the man screamed at him before continuing on.
  7. Pleeaase edit the paragraph into a [noparse]
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    [/noparse] code so fellow players don't read it when they shouldn't.

    ...And since I had a glimpse at it I guess I've got to make the next paragraph. Here goes.

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    It soon began to get dark, and Charlie realized it would be dark soon, and he hadn't had lunch or supper (unless, of course, he had and merely forgot about it). The wolf from earlier appeared next to him (or maybe he just hadn't noticed him before) and tossed him a hot dog. "I didn't know you could carry money, much less a hotdog," said Charlie. "We've been over this," answered the wolf, "I'm awesome. Now eat your food. I've got a story for ya." Charlie shrugged and sat down next to the wolf, munching on the food while listening.
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    The wolf starts to tell the story. "Long ago before you or even you great grandmother was born, a man came by and told me something that I never forgotten."
    man: "If you want to survive in this world you have to search for what you want, not everything is going to come come a plate just by it self."
    back in the present "and that is what he said to me" the wolf wanders of leaving Charlie in the state of thought