Let's play Panzer Corps: Wehrmacht - Warsaw or Bust

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  1. Not sure if this thread belongs here... buuuuut...

    First off... "What is a 'Let's Play?'"

    A link to TV Tropes with more information Link

    What is Panzer Corps: Wehrmacht?

    In a way, it's like Battle for Wesnoth. There are divisions that you can recruit that will stay with you all the way into the USSR and back. Two websites have more information (and a demo!) for those interested. Link & Link.

    In essence I'm doing this "let's play" to hone my writing skills, but it could be also for those who might be interested in watching me fail.


    *Ahem* Without further delay gentlemen, lets begin.

    September 1st, 1939

    First Day (open)


    Greetings gentlemen, even though today is cloudy the long term forecast for our operations appear to be in our favor. Our time slowly rebuilding our forces and practicing in wooden tanks will soon be well rewarded. Today High Command has issued orders for hostiles against Poland to commence. Operation Fall Weiss must be accomplished swiftly, as we suspect the British and the French will not stand idly by while the Poles fall under our tank treads.

    With that in mind, our task is to secure the heartland of the Polish nation as quickly as possible. We need to capture the key cities of Warsaw, Lodz, and Cracow. With those cities firmly in hand the rest of Poland should fold easily and we can then defend ourselves against Great Britain and France. Should we fail… well, let us not dwell on that.

    Strategic Overview (open)

    As you can see our forces are located primarily on the South-Eastern border. Cracow is the closest main objective, and more than likely we shall direct a portion of our tanks and infantry and barrel through the Polish infantry garrisoned in Katowice. The German forces stationed near Cieszyn will eliminate the Polish garrison there, before joining the push towards Cracow. The other troops will push north, wiping out the 8th Polish Calvary and capture the town directly north, before pushing east toward Lodz.

    As you may also note, three Airfields have been marked on the map. It is more than likely that we may be assaulted by the Polish Air force as we advance. However against our squadron of modern Me 109Es they stand little chance of doing major damage.

    Oh, as for the Slovakian Allies, they will assault the town North of them. Not that we expect them to do much…

    Southern Operations (open)

    Our 13th Gebirgsjäger (Mountain Infantry) shall take up positions and attack Cieszyn from the South East. The 11th Wehrmacht shall also assault from the North West. Once the Polish garrison has been properly damaged the 12th Panzer, equipped with Panzer IA Light tanks will roll up and will eliminate any remaining resistance.

    As for our Slovakian Allies, they are being directed North to capture Nowy Sacz. it is unlikely they will be effective.

    Northern Operations (open)

    The 2nd and 3rd Wehrmacht Div. will march north along with the 1st Panzer (equipped with Panzer IBs). Along the way they will eliminate the 8th Polish Cavalry and any other resistance that the Poles wish to throw at us.

    Meanwhile, the 9th and 10th Wehrmacht, as well as the 6th Panzer (Panzer IIC) and 7th Panzer (Panzer IIIEs) will smash the Polish Infantry Division in Katowice and continue onwards toward Cracow. The 8th Artillery Division will support this advance.

    Our bombers and fighter squadrons based out of Oppeln will assist operations as needed.

    Well this concludes the preliminary briefing. As you read this, our troops are already advancing into Poland under my orders to find the enemy lines and wait for further orders. Our reconnaissance will be virtually nil until we bring up some more air squadrons or recon units, but it is unlikely the Poles can put up much of a resistance anyway.


    Anyways thanks for reading, please let me know how I can improve the LP, I'm not quite sure of what I'm doing. Tomorrow morning/afternoon I'll have an update for you guys on what's happening so far. It's nothing complicated yet. I'll try and do an update for every turn of the game (which is a day in-game), meaning morning briefings.

    Also, if anyone would like a division assigned to them, I'd be happy to list them here and keep you well-posted on your unit's condition and engagements as the battle progresses. That includes air wings (we have two squadrons, one of BF109's and a Tac. Bomber as well.)
  2. September 3, 1939

    Welcome back to the command post ladies and gentlemen. Coffee is brewing on the table over there; help yourself to it if you like. The sun is expected to shine for the next couple days. However, sadly our plans are not going along as efficiently as we would have hoped. Let us divide our operations into three different parts, the Northern, Central, and Southern.

    Firstly, the Northern Operations, please don’t get coffee stains on the maps.

    Northern Operations (open)

    In short, our attacks did not go as well as expected. On September 2nd the 2nd Wehrmacht Division engaged the 8th Polish Calvary, expecting an easy victory. Who the hell would’ve thought men on horseback would be difficult to beat. Both sides suffered heavy casualties, the 2nd being knocked down to 20% fighting strength.

    The 1st Panzer Division was brought up to deal with the pesky ponies, yet were unable to engage them in much more than a light skirmish. The 3rd Wehrmacht, unable to engage, were ordered to continue marching up the railroad tracks. We expected that due to the serve injuries inflicted upon the Polish Calvary by the 2nd Wehrmacht, they would retreat.

    We did NOT however, anticipate that they would be crazy enough to counterattack near nightfall. Caught off guard, the 2nd Wehrmacht were destroyed by those damn ponies, who retreated across the river and into the night. The surviving members are being integrated with the 3rd Wehrmacht. Also caught with their trousers around their ankles were the 1st Panzers when they were assaulted by the 4th Polish Infantry Division out of Kalisz.

    The plan of attack today will be the 3rd Wehrmacht will counterattack the 4th Polish Division. Our tankers will most likely wait for replenishment of new tanks and men before resuming the roll north. Reinforcements in the form of our 15th Recon squad will assist the 3rd Wehrmacht in assaulting the Poles, and to keep an eye out for those damn Bronies.

    Central Operations (open)

    Our central operations went much more according to plan. Following a aerial and artillery bombardment, the 9th and 10th Wehrmacht Divisions assaulted Katowice with unrelenting force. In the face of this onslaught the surviving Poles fled to the hills North-East of town, where the 5th Squadron of 109s strafed them into annihilation.

    The 6th Panzer Division thus captured Katowice, with the single loss being some stupid tanker backing his tank into an irrigation ditch on the outskirts of town. Meanwhile the 7th Panzer Division rolls past, in route to Cracow.

    The plan of attack for today will be the Wehrmacht Divisions dealing with the Anti-tank weapons spotted emplaced in the hills above Cracow. The 6th Panzer Division will attempt to bypass Cracow and assault the airfield, while the 7th Panzers advance to the outskirts of town and wait for the Wehrmacht to deal with the Anti-tank weapons.

    In other news we also spotted the so called Polish "Airforce." A new squadron of 109s has been brought up, the 16th. Both squadrons of 109s have been directed to deal with the Polish Airforce today.

    Southern Operations (open)

    The Cieszyn garrison of mountain infantry are fighting hard not to lose the town. A fresh division of Gebirgsjäger’s have been brought up in order to finally crack their defense. We expect to have total control over the town later today. Unfortunately we’ve taken a few more casualties than we would have preferred. But it’s nothing we cannot manage.

    As for the Slovakians… their assault on Nowy Sacz went about as well as expected. They were almost completely wiped out, while the garrison was almost entirely unharmed. On the other hand, a squadron of Polish Bombers attacked them early this afternoon. Surprisingly the already shattered division did not decide to quit and go home, as not a single bomb found its mark. We’ll withdraw them today and I suppose replenish their devastated forces.

    Anyway ladies and gentlemen, that has been the battle report for the previous two days. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to ask. As stated in our preliminary briefing, if anyone would like a division assigned to them, I'd be happy to list them here and keep you well-posted on your unit's condition and engagements as the battle progresses.

    Thank you for your time, and I shall see you on September 5th.