Let's Play a Guessing Game!

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  1. This is @Grumpy !


    Grumpy is one of our Staff Members. You might recognize him from D&D games or from him being shouty and enforcing the No Fun policy in Cbox. We hope that you don't recognize him for yelling at you in his capacity as Chief of Iwaku's Drama Squad.

    He likes people to think he's a cranky old Scottish fuck. But is he really that old? Let's all play GUESS HOW OLD GRUMPY IS?

    Staff Members may not participate in this game. The person who gets closest to guessing Grumpy's age gives me the answer I find most entertaining within one week's time gets a prize.


    *Gives Diana her bribe*

    Why yes, this IS an elaborate setup to make fun of Grumpy. I'm an asshole.
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  2. I dunno but he did a recital of the Trainspotting monologue while drunk off his ass during a skype call. Shit was uncanny.
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  3. Let me see... multiple the number of times the bloke has been found passed out drunk without a shirt, times the number of instances where he's teamed up to give Asmo's snark a helpful undertone, plus the trouble children from whom he's been extorting money...

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  4. Silly Kitti. When your Scottish, being passed out drunk with no shirt HAS no age limit!
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  5. 46.

    I mean 27! 27.
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  6. XD I'm going to guess about 22.
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  7. He's ageless.
  8. Please note that every year you're wrong by this the number of weeks I'll ban you for.

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  9. I think I actually know this.

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  10. This is a capital idea.

    *Starts counting how many weeks everyone has thus far*
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  11. Grumpy has watched the rise and fall of great civilizations, witnessed the births of stars and deaths of planets. I'd say at least 30.
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  12. Sidenote: Shit, "old" is still pretty young around here.
  13. We do have a high teen population - life seemed pretty damn short when I was that age, too
  14. behehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe
  15. I think Grump is THOUSAND YEARS OLD.
  16. Going by his picture...he has been exposed to many different chemicals which has caused him to stop ageing physically, so he has to be older than he looks in the picture, which I'm guessing is 20. My guess is 70 years plus however old IwakuRoleplay is.
  17. Grumpy doesn't matter to me.

    *Moving on*
  18. 39. The age that men finally realize they're nearly ten years away from being half a century old, realizing they haven't done anything in life, and little sprouts of gray hair finally start to settle in their spots.
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