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  1. I've Been pondering what I should post on here for a while. I'm very picky apparently since Its' taken me over 3 months to do this, I apologize in advance XD

    Anyway lets get to this. lets make a story a good story. A story we both feel can continue forever. I'm going to apply what i know into my plot below, and if your interested pm me and we'll see if it works out? I will delete the post after a week however if no one is interested (self conscious much?) I'll try to keep it short.

    Its modern times, the country of Japan is peaceful and the economy is booming. 3 clans oversee the government from the shadows.
    The Blue Phoenix. The red Wolves and the White tigers. These three clans have had a alliance for over 2 hundred years. yes, for two hundred years they have watched their country grow and prosper while rejecting the rest of the world. One clan had dared to oppose them and was quickly eradicated. The black dragons. The clan was eradicated due to its protests to the others. It wanted to expand Japan's prosperity and cooperate with the outside world. And for its ideals it was disbanded by the other 3. 16 Years prior to the beginning of the story the Blue Phoenix assaulted a known black dragon hideout killing hundreds of black dragon members. Our protagonists parents included. Now in our modern times the clans are forgotten and the world continues on. The last remnants of the Black dragon are spread throughout the world not just japan. Kimoro Yubiki is the last Heir to the Black dragon Clan and he and the other three clans are completely unaware of it. He lives his life as a normal high school student until he exposes himself by accident.

    One night while Kimoro was out buying his dinner due to adoptive parents being at work late when he saw a boy from his school walking down the same street as him. He didn't pay much attention to it until he heard the boy fall to the floor. He looked up to see three men beating on the boy for reasons unknown. He rushes to help the boy trying to stop them. He pushes one of the attackers but they all turn on him instead. He fights back but is overpowered quickly. As they beat on him and he huddles on the ground he watches as the other boy gets up and run away. He stares in disbelief the person he was trying to help was abandoning him. He surges with anger and grits his teeth. He pushes up out of his beating due to pure Adrenalin and punches on of the men in the face. The man is consumed by black flames as he screams in agony. The other two stare in disbelief for a moment before taking off running and screaming. Kimoro looks down at his arm to see it engulfed in black flames. he stares at it for a moment before a voice speaks to him. He looks up quickly to see a black dragon floating above his head looking down at him. A light shinning overhead of them both and a Black Dragon's claw mark appearing on his back.

    And there we have it. Its a small version of a longer plot line that I have but what can I do? :/
    Here's the extra details, I'll also ask questions obviously. Check the poll! (sorry im like going crazy over this story. Since im a perfectionist I tend to throw away everything. So keeping this is great!)

    Red Wolves:
    Loyal - Following their Leader and clan head with unquestioned decisions! (Doesnt always have to be true ;) )
    Almost Never travels alone
    Calm and collected. Provoked and your life is on the line
    Foresight - Able to see 2 seconds into the future in certain circumstances.

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Blue Phoenix:[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Self regeneration- Able to heal quickly, in the case of dire wounds it takes days instead of moments[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Healing Flame: Flames used to heal allies in battle in case it is needed. They can not use the flame on themselves[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Limited levitation: Able to hover feet above the ground (lets say 100 max) for a short period of time.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]White Tigers:[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Swift - Able to run up to 5 times fast then a normal human[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Static Electricity - Able to discharge lightning from their hands[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Black Dragons:[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Full on flight but not unlimited (lets say about 6 hours max)[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Black flames - Full on destruction on anything it touches.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Calculating and wise - Their ability to observe and unravel a situation is uncanny. [/BCOLOR]

    And thats what I have for this one so far I guess. I mean I could add in the paragraph or two of backstory but I wont.
    Also before I forget, the clans met their animals 500 years go and these clans were presented with a small portion of the power these animals.

    Red Wolves met Yaiko: the red wolves of leadership

    Black Dragons: Koin, the Dragon of evolution (due to his changing form)

    White Tiger: Byakko, The tiger of peace ( we all know this tiger right? XD. If you dont its a tiger of chinese origin)

    Blue Phoenix: Aoiki, The Bird of prey

    CRAP! Almost forgot. This is a manga with a mix on genre soooo male and female characters are welcome! Males are bromance of course. Sorry not really into same sex stuff.
    I look forward to hearing from you guys!
  2. I'd love to do this with you if you don't mind :)
  3. Its no problem at all ^^
    Im heading out in a bit but I'll be back shortly. I'll send the message
  4. yays alright :D
  5. Oh my, this looks amazing! :D Are you looking for more than one partner? If so I'd be more than willing to do this with you. c: (Or even a group if you're open to it I guess. :3)

    (And also, that poll is awfully negative. o.o There isn't an option for 'I WANT THIS RP WITH ME NOW' which I probably would have chosen haha. XD)
  6. I was going for 1x1's with this one. For group RP's I'll be posting something else later on XD

    (Very self conscious XD. I usually tend to throw way anything I write due to me wanting to change it constantly. But when i wrote this out it stuck so im going with this one. I love it really. Sorry if it seems negative :/)
  7. Haha, makes sense. c: So are you open to multiple 1x1s with this one? :)

    (Oh no worries at all! I was just teasing haha. But your ideas are great from what I've seen, no need to be self conscious! :3)
  8. yes thats fine. Im more then open to multiple 1x1

    (perfectionism is a crime I swear XD. I'll send the message)
  9. Still looking for more partners :)
  10. Aaah this looks amazing~!!! If you are still looking I would love to Rp with you~!
  11. Sorry for the late reply but I'd love to RP this line with you. But I will probably provide more back story so you can get a better understand of this ok? (be warned its kinda lengthy)
  12. Haha I don't mind at all~!! Some more information would actually be great to be honest~ ^^
  13. Alright I'll PM you in a bit. getting noms
  14. no problemo~ ^^ i will be on for an hour or so more~ ^^
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