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  1. I'll be interested in GMing a roleplay here, full of great adventures mixed with lulls of character and plot development as well as training sequences and lore study. The main idea is this: You will all be new recruits aboard the 'Great Isobel', a great construct resembling a whole fortress capable of traveling the seas of the world. You mission will be thus; as member of the Medicean Explorer Guild, you will be trained and paid depending on your results in missions ranging from monster extermination to braving uncharted territories for your kingdom. As the Guild take care to only recruit the desperate, you will have a long way to go before being able to be a person of renown, but the payoff is great, as you may learn much more than you would ever dream of during your time as a guild member.

    I'm looking for three to eight people, and this will be a Medieval Fantasy piece with a Final Fantasy taste to it. Do be aware that both cooperation and rivalry will happens, if you accept!
  2. Hmmm, interesting. I think I'll reserve a spot here for later.
  3. Ah, excellent, a potential interest already! I hope I had not left too much to guess in my pitch?
  4. Interesting stuff you got there,I might be interested but yeah,I'm not on my laptp for 24 hours a day.I got assignments and part time job.So,if you are kind enough to save me a spot
  5. Don't worry, there will be a three days time frame for those interested here, if this goes to the signup stage.
  6. this looks very interesting! :] I'm in so many rps..buuut..no, I can't resist! may I join?
  7. Yes, you may! :)
  8. awesome! thanks :]
  9. Hey! wanna have a go, i can do any genres and i write at least 5 lines, hope we can be the partners.
  10. Hmm, I really like this premise. Sure, I'd be interested in this, if you still need players.
  11. If you're still recruiting I'm interested.
  12. Is there still room? My dp should sum up what I'm thinking right now. Working on eastern times so bear with me!
  13. Hum, this sounds interesting! If there is still a spot I'd love to join as well!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.