Let's Learn Japanese~!


Cosmic Orion

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If you watch this you will learn the Japanese word for WATER.

Very informative.
I wonder what the Japanese word for cleavage is.

I prefer learning English!
Perhaps if we combine the two, learning will increase between the two countries.
I really rather enjoy the goth girl's rack. Her face isn't bad either, but if only she'd stop being so weeaboo-weeaboo.
I kinda want to take a pin and pop her boobs to see what happens : D
No you don't. Then you'd be in a yuri plot. Unless you are into that.
Yeah, yeah, just like you.
You're one to talk.

*points to sig banner consisting of STOLEN IMAGES*
I was worried when I started watching the video that it was going to end up being one of those
"NOW. What color was the handkerchief she was holding?"
Because her chest was so right in the camera that I didn't know if I'd even be able to answer. xD
Women with ample bosom should be allowed to show it.

I for one, appreciate what she does!
No way. I also like to put Kool-Aid in my mizu.
Darkness does $10,000 worth of improvement?