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  1. Welcome. Here you are free to do almost anything you want. Be any character from animes, mangas, movies, games, or books or just RP as your OCs. All I ask is that you follow the few rules I have created:

    • I hold all power over the RP. I can kick anyone out if they don't deserve to belong here, make any rules, and do what is needed to keep this thread safe.
    • No God-modeling is allowed. Auto hits, instant or non-instant killing without permission, controlling other people's characters are not tolerated.
    • Sex can appear, but only if it is time-skipped. Hugging? Fine. Kissing? Sure. Butt touching? Getting close to the breaking point, but whatever. Sexy fun time? Ha, hell no Sonny. [Failure to obey this rule will result with an instant ban]
    • Do not fight with others OOC wise. No one likes it and I will most likely get pissed off and call you a childish bitch..
    • Cussing is not fucking allowed. Nah, I'm just playing with y'all! Just don't over use it.
    • Please use decent grammar and spelling! Text talk is not allowed unless your character is actually texting. One liners are allowed, but try to stay away from them.
    • You can join in at anytime and leave whenever you want. Just wait after two other people have posted before you post again!
    Everyone get's three warnings. The only exception is the rule about sex scenes!
    The setting is a basic city called "Sparrow City" along the East Coast of South Carolina, USA. However it can move based on the events within the RP!
  2. It was midafternoon and the last beams of the glowing orange sun shined brightly against both the ocean and the figures of the beings that walked around the small beach town. A lone teenager, about the age of fifteen-years-old, strolled quietly down a sidewalk that rested beside the strip of stand that divided the city from the ocean. The sun beams stroked her golden blonde hair and made it shine as if were fire. Two small and smooth ear buds were in her ears -well wolf ears- and blasted the beating and booming waves of all sorts of dubstep tunes into her head.
    Link to her appearance: http://sta.sh/21jirsm7gomy
  3. (Ok lol)
    Shadow skipped along the pathway with a big smile, with a brightly coloured red and yellow skirt. Cheerfully, she skidded to a stop as she approached an empty garden bed. Glancing around, she saw a few people staring at her, and she waved over, and pulled out of her pocket a handful of blue, sandy, grain material and bent over, scattering it all over the dirt. She giggled loudly and swerved out of the way of some curious passerbys. "Ok, may I have your attention now people?" she yelled, echoing across the street. All the people turned around to stare at her. "Now that you are listening, I would like you all to maintain eye contact with me. Ok? We are good to go," she said cheerfully. She raised a slim hand and... Clicked her fingers. Everyone in the street collapsed onto the ground.
    "It's safe now, no-one is looking...," she whispered caringly to the garden bed. Slowly, green shoots began to rise from the ground and unfurl into a small plant. They all struggled to move on, and Shadow wore a smile, as she continued to skip around the rest of the street, filling everyones gardens.

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    "I'm pretty sure Northern Alaska isn't a beach Kale."
    "Of corse it- wait what?"
    Kale finally looked up from her map and saw that they were not, in fact, in the sunny side of Alaska. Rather they were in a place called Sparrow City. (Devent had helpfully flipped her map right-side up)
    "This is the place that our employer sent us."
    Devent looked around, seeing people with wolf ears and people making gardens grow.
    "Important stuff first, fun before, during, and after."
    "Where's the building?"
    "No clue."
    "Let's ask her for detections."
    Devent suggested and began to wave the woman with long blond hair and grey ears over.
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  5. Shadow broke into a run as the last plants unrolled and she heard a groan as one of the sleeping bodies woke. Rounding a corner, she happily skipped to the beach and skidded, throwing sand into the air. Apologising to the others nearby, she took off her shoes and threw them into the ocean
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  6. || ;w; I hate it when my alerts don't work!! DX Sorry

    Scourge continued to walk along the side walk with her music up as high as it go. Her sharp and narrow eyes that were icier than then any iceberg on this planet, which had black slits inside of round pupils, kept glancing at the setting sun rather than anyone on the street or on the sidewalks. However she did glance back whenever a few people fell down on to the ground asleep, but paid little attention and just stepped over and bodies that blocked her pathway.

    Then she saw someone waving for her to come over. They looked odd, but she couldn't really say much considering she had her ears and eyes. She also noticed one of them holding a map.

    "Do you guys need directions or something?" she asked while taking off her headphones.
  7. When the woman approached, the shadiness of the two was much more noticeable. Kale had long dirty blonde mixed with lighter tan hair while Devent sported shorter dark brown locks. She wore shades with a simple sleeveless black top under a tan jacket and ripped jeans while he had a long black trench coat with grey shirt and pants, along with a long hat that he constantly adjusted to shade his pale face from the sun. On Kale's belt was a oddly shaped holster, a curled up whip, and hooked on with what seemed to be a keychain was a little mallet, like the one a judge would use except it was beaten up and a single sharpened shard of metal was poking out one side. The most threatening visible thing about Devent was that he had two teeth that were much more pointed then the others. The teeth in question were visible as he asked, "Ah, yes. We were looking for a place called "Finc's Computer Shoppe." Do you know where it is? It was recently shut down due to, er, technical difficulties."
  8. Shadow skipped along the beach to nearby the three chatting. Undoing her hair, she tied the band around something she pulled out of her bag, glittering in the sunlight. A few people watched confused as she pulled out a microphone, and stuffed a battery inside. A small Bluetooth speaker was placed on the ground, and Shadow plugged the cord in. Shadow switched the on button, and the words, "Test, test," reverberated around the beach. "Ok, hello citizens of Sparrow city, do I have your attention?" The sentence echoed all around
  9. Mira after promptly awaiting to the sounds of testing testing Dr died she was in a foul mood and promptly jumped out of the window and unfurled her wing
    (I hope this isn't to lame)
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