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  1. Hello Iwaku Community!

    I'm new here, although I created my account last week, or so.

    I am Eli- you can also refer to me as Ellie, or Roux. I've been Roleplaying on and off for quite some time. But I took a fairly long break and recently got into it again. I reside in Germany now, but I will soon change my location...

    Anyway, I am hoping to meet some awesome people and get a ton of Rps in. You guys seem friendly so I can't wait to see what this site has to offer. I'm easy going and friendly, treat everyone with respect. I like to have fun and sometimes just chit chat with people.

    I like art, and try to draw sometimes, I like singing and dancing... Uh, and learning languages... I currently know three. Speak two fluently (Can you guess which ones?).

    Blah, blah, blah, Oh- I'm in school/work. Not to worry, I will be on, but please do realize, I may not be on everyday.

    Hope we can get along splendid.

  2. Welcome! I hope you enjoy it here! ^.^
  3. Hey Luna, thank you for the warm welcome. Hope to see you around.
  4. I'm usually hiding in the 1x1 rps! If you need me, check there!
  5. Okay, I will keep that in mind :)
  6. Howdy, welcome to Iwaku, Ellie! :D
  7. Greeting Eli, Welcome to Iwaku, I also like art and singing and maybe I dance around when no ones looking XD any ways! Enjoy the site and it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance ^_^
  8. Welcome to Iwaku, Eli. Hope you enjoy your stay!
  9. *takes a bow* Welcome and may you have a wonderful time here.
  10. Oh-thank you very much. I hope so too. I love your Avatar. Kenpachi looks so AWESOME!!!

  11. Thank you!!! :D
  12. Thanks, I hope so too. :)
  13. Thanks! Kenpachi is my favorite character from Bleach and I love his new look and that he has his Shikai.

  14. Haha, I do that too. I can dance pretty well, but when my family wants to see, I claim that I can't. Awesome, I think I will enjoy this site. You guys are so welcoming!
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  15. I love Bleach, it's one of my favorite Mangas. Kenpachi, is my all time favorite, but not when I started to read the Manga. But his character grew on me. I just read the newest chapter. It looks amazing!
  16. I originally started with the anime and entered the manga where the anime left off since they stopped making it for the time being. I loved Kenpachi since I first saw him with Ichigo and I love him even more now. Looking at his Shikai it makes me wander if they do show off a Bankai for him what it would look like.
  17. Ah, that's not bad at all, since the Anime basically followed the Manga-piece by piece. Besides the filler episodes. But yeah, it is hard not to like Kenpachi. I hope they will show a Bankai form for it. Whatever it is it will be amazing!

    On that note. If you are ever looking to do a Bleach Rp, or any other type, write me a message :D
  18. Nice and same to you. I'm just starting out here as well, but doing a Bleach RP is something I wanted to do at somepoint while here. :D
  19. Thanks. Cool, than a big welcome from me to you too!
    Haha, awesome. I'll see you around than. :D
  20. Thanks and I'll see you around as well. :D
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