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    Let's be honest here, I started working on this thread this morning while I was eating my cereals, pretty much wanted to write everything down before the day is over, I thought. The deadline, well it's almost gone but still I want to get this up here before the end of the day. Still staring at a fully coded and beautified post and not knowing what to write is kinda hilarious, it's just as fun as watching paint dry. It's slow and you wish it could just be done, like now. But it doesn't really work that way. Like kinda never ever never. So here's what I got for you, dear reader who clicked to read about what I have to offer to you. I'm the kind of person who has those days when I am super ambitious like, I can write a 2 pages (open office pages) long reply, then there's those days when I can't write more than 7-10 rows, I have issues okay. So if I catch your interest bear with me and bug me a lot to write you the next reply. Basically I see myself as a Intermediate/Adept/Advanced person and it would be wonderful if my roleplay partner was somewhere along these lines as well. As english is not my mother tongue, I have those days when my grammar sucks and my sentences doesn't make sense, so bear with me. Send me a friendly message (containing swearwords if needed) that I goofed up real good.

    • • • So what do I want to share with you? • • •
    I would love to share hilarious moments of laughter with you, those silly puns that tie in ever so beautifully in the roleplay that we both have issues keeping ourselves on our chairs. A passion to try to finish the roleplay in the most beautiful way ever. Lol this is starting to sound like a "I want to share my life with you so these are the qualities I demand you to have!" <-- That is not what I'm trying to come off like, I'm trying my best okay... So basically I'm searching for someone who will have a blast roleplaying with me, plot the most wicked plots and make me question my sanity, again. Basically, I want you to have fun and surprise me with the most crazy ideas that you can come up with.

    ›» Examples of replies that has been made in the past «‹

    So here I thought maybe I should show you what kind of replies I write, in the different stages of my laziness or writer's block. Bear in mind I'm very good at letting mistakes slip by my proofreading, sadly it happens and I do not enjoy it at all.

    Amazing reply (open)
    As Regina was reaching for the bag with her left arm, which wasn’t broken, she tried her best to not move around so much so that her right arm wouldn’t be in more pain than it already was. When she got ahold of the bag she quickly opened, ignoring Kahimi and everyone else. As she opened the bag she could see how the dark lightning egg and the silver egg was safe, but the pure white one was in pieces and at the bottom of the bag laid a little baby dragon. The baby dragon was no bigger than the palm of her hand, but it was fully developed and if it hadn’t been attacked like this it could’ve hatched any day, maybe even today. She touched it’s neck and tried to find any sign of the poor little baby dragon still being alive and she was lucky because she felt a pulse. It seemed that the bone dagger had just scraped the poor baby dragon. So she took out the baby dragon from the bag and started to heal it as she looked at Kahimi, who launched towards the clown woman in matter of seconds. But that was when she noticed the other fight, which was soon to end. “DYROSS!” She screamed as she saw in fear how the bone dragon’s teeth sunk into the fire dragon’s skin, not a second late a loud roar was heard, a roar filled with pain and agony. His wings slowly stopped flapping and Regina saw how his body started to become limp, it was almost like he started to give up.

    Catrina laughed as she heard the cries of the blonde whore, even though she had no idea what she had hit. And when the brunette slut talked to her she greeted her with a dark grin. “Come on slut, help me show your whore friends how you die.” She spoke wickedly for she had plan up her sleeves. She knew after reading about all of the Icarus members (thanks to Quintus’ infiltration) and what had stayed on her mind what the relationship between blonde whore and brunette slut, although they have their differences it seemed that they were best friends. One a dragon huntress and the other a dragon breeder, oh the irony. She threw Rai, who was still in a very comfortable position on the very uncomfortable rocks, a gaze which pretty much said ‘I distract this bitch and you’ll attack the blonde one.’ include a couple of forbidden swearwords and you’d have the whole message. And so as brunette slut threw herself and her tiny dragon towards her she bit her finger and let one drop of blood fall to the ground beneath her, as she was currently soaring thanks to La Muerte lending two pieces of her tail so that Catrina could mess with people while still being able to get away from them. On the ground a hand stretched up from the soil and it wasn’t any hand either, it was the hand of a little boy. She saw as the child started to dig himself out of the soil and a scream was heard:

    Those were the last hidden words of the boy who had now successfully dug himself out of the soil. He was pale and his once blond hair was now dirty and filled with all kinds of bugs, worms and insects. He wasn’t anyone who Catrina knew, but she knew that brunette slut knew him, since had been bugging her and the fuck guild’s master about joining for three years, but since he was too young had hadn’t been able to join, but he hadn’t lost hope because of a minor setback. Instead he continued for three years to go to fuck guild everyday, enjoy the company of the useless members of fuck guild and so on the day before his 14th birthday everyone lived in peace but that was when the evil curry man attack and nothing were as it once were. For the evil curry man laughed as people ran around screaming as their mildew filled guild started to burn as candle fell to the wooden floor. And a certain 13 year old boy was trapped inside the burning building and it was too late when brunette slut noticed the absence of the boy.

    His screams were heard throughout the entire area as he was burned alive, screaming for his ‘Mommy’. Not let alone that brunette slut and all the other useless members had to hear the screams, brunette slut and the useless guild master had to tell the boy’s mother about what had happened. And now the same boy was standing right in front of the brunette slut who was launching herself towards Catrina. For a second it made Kahimi stop and while Kahimi was still Catrina took out a tissue. “Oh such a touching reunion, I need to fix my make-up since this is so touching.” She said as she dabbed the tissue under her eyes to make it seem as she was touched and crying for the two, which she actually weren’t, this was just old boring routine for her every time she made a close friend/relative/acquaintance of her enemy. And she always loved seeing how her enemy turned from pissed to a easily hit target.

    Xanxus smiled at Quintus as before he started to go through the drawer closest to him, which had the the words ‘Traps, for selling or when they might come in handy.’ Inside there were all kinds of traps, those kinds for humans, animals and those kinds which can stun dragons. “Yeah I’ve made everything in this room, took me a while though, maybe 14 years, I don’t know.” He said as he continued to look for a trap or weapon they could use. “Oh yeah this is just a small part of all of my creations, most of them are spread throughout Seiyun and other bigger cities. Most of the weapons can be found in Icarus since you guys are my biggest buyers.” But as he continued to look through the drawer he couldn’t seem to find anything which could possibly help them in this fight and he heard how something or someone flew right into the wall and not sooner a cry was heard, filled with pain and sadness. It made shivers run up Xanxus’ spine, that voice belonged to Regina. He cast a worried gaze towards where her scream came from, something must’ve happened. That was when he remembered a special weapon he had made many years ago, it was one of his most dangerous weapons, but in this situation it was necessary. He closed the drawer and walked towards a shield which was hanging proudly on the wall, it was decorated in all kind of swirls and colours, it was made by his father who taught Xanxus how to become the blacksmith he was today.

    He pressed his hand towards the shield and it read his hand with the magic which is induced in it and after he lifted his hand from the shield it opened up like a door, with lots of stairs and at the end of the stairs were a room, filled with the most dangerous weapons ever created and amongst them one special weapon, which didn’t look like a weapon but it was dangerous enough to make a strong dragon fall, or a human die within a week. It was a injector filled with the sap from the tree ‘Fracia’, but it doesn’t look like a injector.
    It is a arrow, and only one arrow. “Come on Quintus, what we’re looking for is down there.” He said before they both ran down the stairs and they arrived in the room Xanxus handed Quintus the arrow with great care in the semi-dimlit room. “Remember this Quintus, don’t touch the tip of the arrow, if you do you might die, but please hurry and hand this to Ada as fast as you can and tell her to point it towards the enemy.” This plan was a dangerous one but it was all they had. And Xanxus knew from experience that Ada could live with someone else’s blood on her hands.

    Rikim caught seeing Ada grinning like a mad woman as she stared towards the clown in front of them, he didn’t recognize the clown because he had been on a mission while the old Icarus guild was destroyed. He saw as shadows started to cover Ada’s face in a very dark and corrupted way which made her look very wicked and vicious, almost like the devil herself. He didn’t even want to ask her what she was thinking but he didn’t even have the time to ask her as he saw Regina crying in pain and it looked like her right arm was placed behind her back in a nasty position. But it was also then that he noticed what Regina was crying for, it wasn’t for the little baby in her left hand, nooo. It was something else, so he saw that she was looking towards the sky and he decided to do the same. Fighting in the sky was Dyross, well not fighting anymore since it looked like he was hanging down only to be held up because of the bone dragon’s teeth being completely sunken into his neck. He had to do something quick, for he knew how much Dyross meant to Regina, Dyross was her only family after her parents and her older brother had died in a fire many years ago.


    He blew the whistle Regina had given him many years ago on his birthday, it was a whistle to call on Gray. And so he blew as hard as he could into it and not a second later the gigantic crystal dragon ascended from below them, he had been sleeping at the exit of the escape route. And as Gray saw Rikim he also saw his mate, Dyross hanging limp, almost dead because of the bone dragon. Without hearing anything from Rikim Gray flew with his top speed towards the bone dragon, shooting crystals towards it as well. And with a loud crash Gray collided with the bone dragon, thousands of bones flew towards any direction possible and before Dyross fell to the ground Gray successfully caught the huge fire dragon. Rikim ran towards Gray, who was for once successfully landing on the ground without crashing or destroying anything and looked at Dyross closer up. He placed his hand on Dyross stomach and he could still feel a heartbeat, a weak one but it was steady enough so that he would survive until Rikim had brought Regina to him. But as Rikim was checking Dyross something was happening to Regina.

    A normal reply ish (open)
    Enza hadn’t been in the dungeons often as a child, well she never had any reason to go down here, except once. Her hands were tied behind her back with a rope that almost felt like it was cutting deep into her wrists and she hadn’t showered for some days either so her dreads looked dreadful with dirty in them, so now her white hair had turned almost grey-brown. The only food she got was in liquid form, since she couldn’t use her hands to eat like a normal person they had decided to make all her food into disgusting smoothies. The wedding was in a few hours and Enza had completely failed her first mission, at this rate she would cease to exist. Only because Izana isn’t her grandmother and should not marry Zavier. But in the back of her head she hoped that the others would go through with the mission without her. The ones who had been with Enza on this mission were only half of them alive, including Enza. Three of them had been tortured to death as they were interrogated by the prison guards or some noble who wanted to enjoy inflicting pain on ‘peasants’. Usually the nobles who went down into the dungeons were male and the only female she had seen so far had been one of the generals. But now as Enza was sitting in this dirty dungeon cell she heard how someone wearing heels was making her way downstairs. It couldn’t be the general since she had been wearing flats, so who was this person? She heard how the person walked to the different cells, but then she stopped and Enza looked up. It was someone who she had only seen photos of, Princess Gizella. The Princess approached her before she uttered her motives to her. She wanted to know of the secret passages in the castle, why? She never said but she had a good reason for Enza to agree with her. But seriously Enza didn’t feel like telling her, since it could make the infiltration for the rest of the rebels, who are arriving today, a bit more complicated than it was planned to be. “I am sorry but I cannot write anything down while I’m tied like this so maybe when I’m released from this I can tell you?” Enza said to make the princess believe that the girl she had in front of her was a complete idiot.

    Zack had been assigned as Zavier’s best man for this wedding, he had no idea why but he wasn’t even interested in finding out. The ringbearer was Zain, befitting for the youngest to hold the pillow which usually a young boy would. He was sure that Zain was ecstatic about his mission during the wedding ceremony. As the best man and a brother, Zack had to make sure that Zain and Gizella were getting ready for the wedding. So when he had been making his way towards Zain’s room he saw how Gizella was walking towards the dungeons and how Zain was following. “Siblings…” Zack muttered as he followed them quietly. When he had sneaked down the stairs he heard how Gizella was talking to one of the prisoners and not soon after how Zain spoke to her. “And I won’t let you two get away so easily either if you two don’t move your sorry asses now because the wedding is starting soon and both of you need to get dressed.” Zack said to make his presence known in the dungeons.

    “Oh this tiara is going to flatter your hair so beautifully Lady Izana.” One of the maids said as she placed a golden tiara in Izana’s hair. It was only less than 3 hours left till the wedding was to start but even if this day was supposed to be the happiest day in her life Izana was just depressed. The wedding hadn’t been postponed as she had hoped instead the king and queen had decided to have the wedding way earlier than planned. She looked at herself in the big mirror standing in the room, the wedding dress she was wearing hadn’t she herself decided on. It was something that her parents had chosen for her, since they believed that they knew better than she did. She saw how the trail was pretty much covering almost the entire floor in the small dressing room and her hair which she usually had in a braid had now been released to reveal her curly hair. She could see how much time the maids had spent on her, but even so everything Izana thought of was the hope that Eirian would help her get out of here.

    Another normal one (open)
    “Candycanes…” The voice of the white haired male’s sleep-talking wasn’t really that hard to miss as people walked past him. Yes walked past him. Rikim wasn’t really that known to sleep in his bed, which is why some referred to him as monkey or baboon. Today he was sleeping in the middle of the main street. He had gotten drunk around 3AM and had wandered off somewhere with Quintus, hitting more bars, spending guild money on booze and trying to get laid. Which didn’t work as much as planned as he thought that pulling down a shirt to reveal a woman's bare chest, would end up well. No. It all ended with her husband punching Rikim fairly hard in his solar plexus, making him collapse right on the spot on the cold floor. Currently he was dreaming about candycanes, his favorite food of all time, and for some strange reason a stoned Kahimi, would be fun to see her be stoned but that dream didn’t last very long before a big pair of claws picked him up, without thinking about his safety or keeping him in one piece the animal, called Scorpo, ran quick as hell to the guild. All the doors to the grand hall had all been opened, since Kahimi had ordered people to keep them open until her dragon had returned with a white thing on his back. Sadly one of the people who had been asked to keep the door to the grand hall open had closed the door, because he had to go to the bathroom and couldn’t hold himself any longer. So instead of stopping before the closed door, the dragon bursted right through it and stopped right next to it’s master, making the poor white haired male fly across the room and land on the stone floor, face first.
    He opened his eyes, well the world was spinning but he could kinda, somewhat, tell who were who right before him. Quintus seemed to be in the room since he was dressed just as dark as the day before, Kahimi was there laughing her lungs out and then there was his newest creation: The Regina Rainbow Unicorn hybrid. He couldn’t help himself for laughing at her as the blood poured down from his nose.

    Regina decided to ignore the laughter of Rikim, surely she understood that her hair had seen better days but this tail moving around according to her mood was just as annoying as the one who put this spell on her. She listened to Kahimi instead of focusing on Rikim spinning around and try to stand up straight which failed more than one time. Regina had heard from Kahimi that Quintus' dragon had recently died, just a few weeks ago actually, she had heard the rumours that his dragon had died during his way here. It broke her heart to hear that his precious dragon had died, she hated the death of dragons. No matter if the dragon was wild, evil or good. She hated to hear about the death of them since dragons are supposed to live for hundreds of years, but recently more dragons than ever have died. Take the hell type dragons for example, many people are afraid of the hell dragons so every time a new hell dragon baby is born people kill it, never giving it a chance to live. Regina awoke from her daze as she heard her name and that Kahimi and Scorpo would fly ahead. She tried to think what Kahimi had said she spent a good second thinking before she noticed the look on Kahimi’s face. “Oh yeah sure.” Regina said as she looked at Kahimi then she looked at Quintus. “As long as you’re good with me bringing a couple of eggs I’m good.”

    Now imagine what my writer's block replies look like, gonna hint you, they are not that long. As you maybe have noticed I enjoy fantasy roleplays, a lot. I for some reason seem to breathe fantasy roleplays and hilarious plots. If you've read everything so far, just gonna say thing: Holy shit you're amazing, I like you. Back on track, I prefer a awesome plot before smexy smut time, sure those moments can be included but I would enjoy it more if we focused on a plot and then later on see if the characters really deserve that smexy time. Instead of shoving it into a wonderful plot, I want us to tie it in so that it doesn't feel rushed, just in a way so that it feels natural. I am open to many things, I have a few things that tick me off but if we decide to roleplay with me, I'll probably tell you right away what I like and dislike. But what I can tell you right away is that I don't do private messaging roleplaying, I just don't do that.

    Are you interested in roleplaying with me? Post a comment and we can take it from there.

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  2. Hey I be interested
  3. Hello! I am interested in plotting a Fantasy roleplay with you, if you are interested.
  4. @Scorpio Queen and @Artorias hit me up with a PM containing any plot ideas, if you have one of those magical things or we can plot our lives out from scratch to a flying squash potato, yeah let's go with that.
  5. Hi there I'm not sure if you are still searching but if you are I would love to write with you! If not, hey I at least had to give it a shot~
  6. @QueenOfHearts OMG sorry for not replying until now... life took me on a ride. Send me a PM and we can go from there^^
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