Let's go for third time lucky.

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  1. My third roleplaying forum, and you'd think I'd know how to write an introduction...

    No such luck, sorry to say.

    I go by Tainted, or Sammy, if you prefer a real name. I'm a furry, but roleplay as a human just as much. I also have several other characters - males, females, everything inbetween - of varying species. I'm open to any idea, but if you're heading into mature RPs with me, PM me or something before you try anything kinky. As for RP style, I use third-person, either inside dashes or text inside quotes; I'll try to match my partner on this as it just looks cleaner. That said... I look forward to RPing with anyone interested.
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  2. Welcome to Iwaku. I hope you find everything to your liking here and find the role playing you desire. Feel free to PM me Sammy if you have any questions or need to speak about anything regarding role play including ideas, or the need for feed back, etc. I'll try to assist in whatever way I can. Have a good one. :)
  3. Hello, Tainted Sam. How's your fur?
  4. Welcome to Iwaku.

    This site is great for those who want to find role plays of any genre, any imaginative idea, and just spectacular for the open minded life of individuals. There are several points of Iwaku that are great to look at and familiarize yourself with. One of the best aspects of this community is that there is no need to worry so much about your role play skills. Iwaku welcomes anyone with a love to write that role plays in any sort of way. The staff have done an amazing job with maintaining an building Iwaku to how you see it now. They are very friendly and tend to hear out complaints and ideas that you may have. They help as much as they can too. It's nice to begin in jump in section. It's a place where you literally just jump into role plays, with no profile, and just role play to your hearts content. Most of the time they tend to run fast pace but then again... some don't. In all the other sections of role play, Iwaku asks to first go to the Sign up & discussion portions, to place a character sheet before able to actually role play. Most of the time they also need to be accepted by the creators. If you feel comfortable already with waiting then continuing into a well thought out plot then go ahead to the fantasy, modern, or the sci-fi sections. There is also an one on one section, if you would like to just have one role play partner. The last section we have is our mature section. It's exactly for that kind of role plays. Be it romance, smut, or just mature natures this is the role play section to have it roam. If you do decide to join the mature section, you'll have to choose only one of them based on your age and ask for permission to join it. It may take only hours or even a few days... but many people tend to settle in the section.Some individuals do use the chat box to role play. Each role play section even has it's own rp box that is for chat role plays.

    Lastly... Two more things to bring up. We have an institute or creative challenges, if you'd like to freshen up writing abilities, improve on writing, or even help other become better writers. There are challenges just to test yourself also. Iwaku policies are also to be followed at all times.

    So play nice and just have fun...
    Sorry for my long spiel of details, just trying to help.
    Again, welcome to Iwaku and have fun.

    If you need any help, feel free to ask.
  5. I totally forget to come and check for any replies. @w@ Thanks for the warm welcome, guys, it means a lot. And don't be sorry, Inkling, better I learn now than later, right?

    And my fur is warm and fuzzy, Dragon. :3
  6. Can I touch?

    Doesn't wait for answer and rubs face against tainted sam's arm.
  7. /joins in the snuggling
  8. Let's snuggle until it becomes uncomfortable.

    Snuggles even more.
  9. Uncomfortable snuggles? Does such a thing even exist? D:
  10. Probably not.....
  11. ^^ Sooner or later... which ever is easier for you.