lets discuss about futuristic middle-earth.

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  1. Middle-earth is the place where The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings took place. A place with elves, dwarves, orcs, trolls, and the most normal creatures of all, the humans live.

    When I watched The Hobbit and LotR, its always depict in somewhat the medieval times where the races of the world use swords, maces, staves, bows, and catapults as their weapons. Other than that, there are also magic.

    Now, what happens in the future of middle-earth? What happens when technology is invented? What happens when machinery is discovered? Combine those machinery with the advance magic that the wizards and witches, sorcerer and sorcerers have learned or will learn. What kind of technology will they have? What might they become?

    Let's not just talk about middle-earth's technology. Let's talk about the similar world like The Elder Scrolls world and the world of Dungeons and Dragons. What happens in the future?
  2. Well, to take the easy answer, Tolkien himself said in many places that Middle-earth was actually a fictional historical period of the real world rather than its own world, with the end of Lord of the Rings being about 6,000 years ago, the answer lies in real history. Technology would presumably degrade quite a bit and stay that way for a few millennia, then pick back up to medieval levels after roughly 4,500-5000 years, then progress as we know it did.

    If you don't want to take the easy answer, it's all a crapshoot that depends on how much of an influence magic remains on the world, when/if they discover certain natural resources, whether or not certain philosophical ideas come up to influence inventions, and so forth. Too many variables to reasonably predict anything.
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  3. Different people may have different opinion. Different minds may have different imagination about how the fantasy world of middle-earth would and could be. I would like to know what people think and imagine, even if it doesn't make sense. If middle-earth was earth centuries ago, I'd like to know how the world would be if magic and the many races still existed today? What would the elves wear, what would the dwarves build? Where would the orcs live? And so on.


    In deviantart, I once came across a digital art of a female elf in a post apocalyptic city ruins. She was wearing cloths we are wearing now. To some, this may be nothing and may be uninteresting or not worth discussing, but I am interested. Post apocalyptic middle-earth.
  4. Shadowrun has a lot of the anachronistic races and powers that you'd expect from a medieval fantasy; it's essentially DnD's 2077. If you're not familiar with the canon already, that'd be a great example of what this sort of idea would naturally lead toward. Also if you're just looking for cool pictures of futuristic elves or something, there's plenty of art — it goes back to 1989! xD

    Personally, I feel that Shadowrun doesn't do a good job of integrating magic into the atmosphere of the world, instead emphasizing transhumanism and the races' various disputes. What magic there is seems like a low fantasy tack-on more than a part of the society it ought to have helped bring up. I wouldn't expect any sort of magitech from Shadowrun-esque canons, but I would expect an elite cadre of secret justicars wielding one-of-a-kind artifacts and strange abilities. Also apparently dragons run everything?

    At any rate, just my two cents. Shadowrun is something dear to me since it's sort of the reason I learned to appreciate fantasy instead of pure science fiction; before I got into it, I was pretty solid on the whole Magic can't be in scifi opinion. ^.^;
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  5. I think I should get that game. :-P
  6. The game based off the original tabletops didn't get a lot of good reception, though I never tried it myself. o3o