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  1. Hello! I go by many names, Babyletsplay, Starr, dork, weirdo, eh take your pick. I'm sure I've been called worse! There is alot I want to say so I'm not going to waste time making this 'pretty'

    A little about me?
    I am a female that is old enough to drink, barely. but hey! it counts! I work constantly and play hard. a few hobbies are, writing (duh, or I wouldn't be here) singing, and pictures! Ha! I know all this has nothing to do with roleplaying but I rather enjoy to chat and get to know my partners as well as make stories with them. I have Skype (and a few other messengers but that's the one I use most), If you wish to talk over there, just ask! :3 I believe the better you know them the better you can mesh your likes together and the better the story will be! I do play both characters, however I do not want all my roleplays where I am playing male. Come on people! I am female, and would like to be my gender every once in a while xD That being said. Don't be afraid to ask me to play male. If i have too many then I will simply tell you! At the moment, I will play male.

    A bit about me and my writing style?
    I will adapt and give what is given me. I have no problem writing a page with 1000 words or more unless I have absolutely nothing to work with. I can write just a few paragraphs or a whole novel if needed. I work a lot. This does not mean I can not give you posts. It is just a warning that I most likely will not post multiple times a day. I try to post daily. However sometimes I just can't do it due to being so tired. I try to put a lot of thought and detail in my posts and I feel if I'm super tired I am not going to do that. Please understand that I only want you to have my best! :3 if i do not reply within a reasonable amount of time, please send me a friendly message asking where I am, or just kick me in the booty to snap me back to reality If you require samples of my writing, not problem! Ask, and you will receive. If there is anything else you need to know please ask because I don't know what else to say here!

    What i'm looking for in you?
    I want to look forward to my roleplays. I mean REALLY look forward to it. I want to be checking my phone every five minutes to see if I got a reply. And when I do? I DON'T want to be disappointed with a reply that lacks creative flow and description! I work hard on my posts and give it my all so that I please my partner with my writing style. Please, please, do the same. This doesn't mean I need a novel by all means! Just keep me on my toes and most important let's have fun!!! I don't want some one to let me control our roleplays. This is a joint thing, so join in! Add your ideas! Surprise me! Oh, I would love you forever if you could do that! But most of all, let just have FUN!

    Just a few ideas!
    Feel free to send me yours! I'm just putting up what I'm craving as of now. I have many others I did not post. I also love to brainstorm and create new ideas with my partner. So, if you don't like any of mine. But still think you want to roleplay with me. Also, If you like an idea but don't want to play male on the plot. That is fine, we can switch the roles. Let's chit chat a bit!

    I am craving something like this! MC is gorgeous, friendly to most, and very loving. Some would say she is popular however she tends to keep to herself. YC is good looking although a bit of an outsider or what others would categorize as a 'bad boy' However the moment he put his eyes on MC he was determined to have her as his own

    My character and your character have been the best of friends since the toddler days. However when they have become older they have developed deep feelings for one another but each are too afraid to admit it. It’s been years my character has waited for yours to show any sign to become more than friends. now at the age of 20 and tired of waiting she gets a boyfriend. when she denies her now boyfriend of sex he becomes abusive. she starts getting bruises and her friend is concerned and determined to find out why… What will happen when he finds out everything? her boyfriend was the one doing it and worse she was only with him to try to lose the feelings for him..

    Okay, so here is the idea. He (your character) is madly in love with Starr (my character). The whole world around them doesn't treat them right. Her father is abusive even though he'd admit she's the only thing that matters to him. your character, asks Starr a question that enforces inner turmoil in her. He asks her to leave with him.

    Craving---- I am looking to play male in this idea. Unless you insist otherwise, let's discuss!
    He is a top dog gang leader with one hell of a past and all he wants is to right his wrongs and get out of the life he is in. However that is easier said than done, if he wants his life intact. He is currently at war with a local rival gang with one wicked leader who just so happens to be a major part of his tragic past. She is a daughter of powerful business man who wants to do nothing but control her life. She is a model child with good grades in the best of colleges. But all she wants is a little excitement in her life. One night a group of men from the rival gang start to harass her, he sees this and jumps in. But why does this girl have such a immediate affect on him? Can she be his way to freedom or will he be the very thing that ruins her good nature?

    The Lacuni were once a proud and noble people, their domain stretched across all the southlands. From the edge of the great Urutan sandsea in the east to the Hyperborian Mountain range in the west. They were the masters of their homeland, the forest nation, a great land of massive trees and swamps as far as the eye could see that dominated the the landscape in the south. The great jungles of the southlands grew thick and wild, their trees reaching to the sky as tall as some of the greatest of man made castles with their leaves forming a great canopy that bathed the forest floor below in perpetual twilight. The Lacuni's were masters of this realm, perfectly adapted hunters, with ears and eyes that enabled them to see and hear in under the dense canopy and a tail that aided their balance moving quickly through the tangled underbrush.

    What made the Lacuni civilization so great was not their natural agility and honed senses, but the affinity and love for nature that each and every one of them carried within their hearts. Their life was not one of industry and war, like some other races, but a life of natural harmony and balance that stemmed from their magical attachment to the powerful force of life itself. They were a peaceful shamanic people with a love of mirth, celebration, and feasting, but also they were warriors of fearsome cunning, defending their realm from all threats, using their natural magic bring the very forest to their aid. The Lacuni are an ancient race, excelling in both wisdom, knowledge, and having honor beyond all others. They have inhabited the great forests of the southlands since the beginning of recorded time.

    The race of men stands in stark contrast to the Lacuni and their peaceful ways. Men first entered the lands of Finsha only one thousand years ago, making great pilgrimages across the Urutan. They arrived in the north to find a land that was wild and fearsome, hostile in every sense of the word. The races and creatures that inhabited the north were ones that didn't share the Lacuni mentality of peace. Great hordes of orcs roamed the plains with their warbands, while giants, trolls, and gnolls occupied almost every crag or cave that the humans came upon for shelter. Those first couple decades were the hardest for mankind, small isolated tibes of humans fought for survival against the wiles and hostility of the land of Finsha in the north. Seeking refuge, a small group of men made their way into the forests of the southlands, they were desperate to escape the dangers of the north. In a chance meeting the Humans came upon the Lacuni who helped them regain their strength.

    Seeing the wild spirit of their ancient ancestors within humanity, the Lacuni lended aid to the young race of humans who were crossing the Urutan and gave them weapons and guidance for life in the Land of Finsha. So began an inseperable alliance between the Lacuni and man-kind. The tribes of humanity were rallied under the first King of Finsha and they went forth into the north with renewed vigor to tame the hostile lands. Soon enough the Humans had made their own small home amongst the great wilds of the North and it was the Lacuni's hope to steward over the young race and help them become harmonious with the lands like they were. For a time this worked, but something happened that was unexpected. Humanities link to the magical aspect of life was not like that of the Lacuni's. Those few who were magically attuned amongst the humans did not appeal to the life-giving forces of nature, but to the destructive and powerful arcana of the elements. Humanity performed feats of magic that were unknown even to the Lacuni and it became clear early on that the potential of humanity seemed limitless. There were those who were righteous among man-kind, but there were also those who sought power and self-gain, a trait that began to infect the pure and noble Lacuni.

    This new form of magic was different than the kind that the Lacuni had known since the beginning. It was wild and unpredictable, with streams that delved deeply into dark places. In the right hands it was a tool of great value, but in the wrong hands... it was a tool for chaos and destruction. Many of the Lacuni, interested in this new power, left the natural magic of their ancestors and embraced the raw power of the new arcana. Through this new magic and the passage of time the Lacuni civilization began to fall. Prior to this only the purest of Lacuni could access the natural power of magic through study, meditation, and practice, but now there was a new outlet that didn't require a pure heart and mind. Civil war soon engulfed the southlands and the Lacuni were divided amongst themselves over those who kept the peaceful old ways and those who strove for power through means of darkness. One night a great battle took place in the Lacuni capital in the heart of the forest. All of the elders and nobles were killed and the great king of the Lacuni was slaughtered at the hands of his own brother, who had embraced these new and cruel ways.

    All hope was not lost, in a desperate act of heroism, one of the King's own guards escaped the castle with the young baby princess of the Lacuni. They ran to the only place that they knew was safe for them... to the north, into the lands of the Humans. The guard brought the Lacuni princess before the human king in secret and begged him to keep her safe and secret until a time when she could lead a revolution and reclaim the throne. Bound by the honor of his ancestors the king accepted and harbored the young girl. He promised to always keep her close at hand to teach her the ways of a true King as her people had taught humanity long ago. She was raised in the palace with the King's own son and was made the queens own hand maiden. She was present at every meeting of the King's court so that she might learn the ways of nobility.

    It wasn't long after the death of the Lacuni King that the new dark lord, the brother of the King led the armies of the Lacuni northward to attack the humans. The dark lord had no knowledge that the princess had been spared, rather he sought to expand his borders at the expense of humanity. The war lasted fifteen years and it was a bloody struggle unlike anything the lands of Finsha had ever seen before. The acts of the evil Lacuni were so gruesome that the aspect of life that had sustained the race for so long was shattered and the Lacuni began to change in both mind and physcial form. They lost their beauty and gracefulness for something that resembled that of a true beast, they became the Leshrac, a fallen being that was more animal than man (picture not really a Neko... but more like a legit cat or dog man with a full coat of fur. Just an aminal that walks upon two legs). Even the forest itself turned on them, growing wild and hostile, producing deadly creatures and turning against the Leshrac themselves.

    Kingdom wide persecution spread to all the remaining Lacuni for fear that they would kill humans and they were exiled from the human lands to their old lands in the south. Many traveled there expecting death at the hands of the Leshrac and in most circumstances that was the case. The great human king knew that he couldn't keep the pure Lacuni princess for fear of riots from the people knowing that the king himself was harboring an enemy of Finsha. When she was but a young girl he disguised her and kept her safe in the guise of a young human girl ( a servant). The changing alliances had altered the circumstances and the princess was no longer allowed in the kings court, the King went even so far to keep her away from his own son, who had been her playmate since she had arrived in the Kingdom.

    Now twenty years after than fateful night when the princess was brought before the king, five years after the end of the war with the Leshrac, things have changed in Finsha. Humanity is now the great beacon of hope and the prowlers to the south are a constant real enemy. The Human prince has grown into an aspiring young commander and the time for his inauguration into manhood has come. Taken from the practices of the Lacuni themselves, the Human right of kings states that a King must yield his powers to his eldest son or daughter in the twentieth year of his life so that the new King might have a mind that caters to the new generation, the future of the kingdom. A prince can only take power if he has taken a young princess of noble descent to be his wife so that they might produce a new heir. This marriage is arranged through a dazzling ceremony where all the human lords from all over the kingdom bring their eligible daughters to the palace for a three day courtship festival. The festival was based upon the ancient Lacuni practices where the King would seek the life giving spirits of his people and use their natural attachment to nature to help choose the best pairing. It was a flawless practice that always resulted in loving relationships, but humans take a different approach. Without a true connection to the aspect of life human marriages are often decided by who can offer the largest dowry to the King. In this sense the arranged marriages are often more political than brought from a place of true love.

    It's a nerve wracking time for the young prince and with all the nobles coming to the castle, guards and servants are stretched thin. It is by chance that the Lacuni princess is thrust into the service of the Prince during this time as his servant. The days leading up to the ceremony will be hectic and somewhere in there the prince will learn the identity of the his new companion, but not her true link to the Lacuni throne. All things considered, a gathering of all the human nobles and their families would also be a perfect time for the Leshrac to strike. The story would take us on a journey to restore the true Queen to the Lacuni throne and we'd have lots of fun on the way!

    as proof that people read all of this, please send me a PM stating your favorite color! =3
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  2. I am interested in this if you'll have me! ^^
  3. Sure! Let's talk a bit about it and see if it's a good match for each other then shall we? Message me?
  4. I was interested in this one, but it seems like you already have someone for it.
  5. I don't mind making it a three way. o w o

    God that sounded terrible, I am sorry.
  6. Feel free to message me to discuss about it. I can roleplay the same idea with two people. different people turn out to turn into different outcomes in a story.
  7. That idea is actually still open, if you are still interested.
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