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  1. I'm on the hunt for new partners to keep up with my cravings~

    I don't mind what age you are, though I'd like our characters to be eighteen or older, since I am twenty, and I feel more comfortable playing characters my own age. However, I refuse to role play with anyone younger than sixteen, and absolutely no sexual content with anyone under eighteen.

    Romance is always a must with me, so there will be romantic situations, but no sex, if you are under eighteen, or if you are uncomfortable with those types of scenes.

    I'm open to more than one partner, for any and all ideas, unless they are crossed out.

    I do have a few requirements that I search for in a partner, so please read them.

    Partner Requirements (open)

    ~Please be very active. I want a partner who can reply every day, and although I'd like someone who can reply more than once a day, I will accept it if my partner can only reply once a day, as long as it's every day.~

    >As seen, I am looking for a partner who can do advanced writing. I will accept partners who can do at the very least, Intermediate writing. I require a partner who can spell correctly (even if you have to use spell check), as well as use proper grammar, and punctuation.<

    !Use third person only, please. I dislike first very much.!

    +++Be honest. If you dislike where the role play is heading, or if I do something to offend you or hurt your feelings, or if you simply want to quit planning or role playing with me, please, I beg you, let me know. I don't mind. I won't hate you or scream at you or bite you. I appreciate the openness, and will be grateful that you let me know.+++

    So, I mostly do fandoms, which I will list below, but I am also open to original ideas, of which I have a few.
    (I do not do canon/canon or oc/oc for Fandoms. The fandoms are all Canon/Oc.
    In the pairings listed below, I consider myself the OC. But I will play a canon for you, if you ask.
    I will also double for you if you ask, otherwise, I would like to play the female.)

    Fandom Pairings (open)

    Harry Potter

    (Teacher/Student or Marauders Era)

    (Golden Trio Era or as an adult)

    (Marauders Era)

    Dragon Age






    (AU, where the events of Thor/Thor 2/Avengers did not happen.)

    If you don't see the fandom you're looking for here, feel free to ask.

    The only fandoms I won't do are those that I do not know, or the ones listed below-

    Doctor Who
    My Little Pony
    Once Upon a Time

    Original Ideas (open)

    Best Friend/Best Friend
    (This can be m/f or f/f)


    College Students





    (I'd like to use real life celebrities for this)


    And of course, I'm always open to hearing ideas!
  2. I like the junkie/ junkie idea. Like they meet in rehab or something? Or do you have a plot for this?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.