Lethal Weapon

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  1. Has anyone else seen this awesome buddy cop series? If so, what is your favorite movie in the series as well as your least favorite? How did you first discover the series?

    My favorite movie in the series is Lethal Weapon 4 (which is also my favorite movie of all time) and my least favorite in the series is Lethal Weapon 2.

    I first discovered the series when I was a kid because of Grandma having Lethal Weapon 4 on VHS which I quickly became fascinated by (mainly because of Jet Li). I then saw Lethal Weapon 3 which I think Grandma also had on VHS and then I saw the first two films after buying the entire series on DVD.
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  2. dude lethal weapon 4 was the shit

    i rewatched it a year or two ago in the hospital call room...it was just randomly on some channel

    and i was like, "holy shit, i forgot jet li was in this! hes so YOUNG!"

    and then destroyed mel gibsons gun.

    with his fingers.

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  3. It was his first role in Hollywood as well as his first role as a villain XD What'd ya expect?
  4. My favorites are the 1st and 4th. The 2nd one was meh and I don't even remember the third one. x'D Its been a long time since I've seen any of them since I only have them on VHS. Though I did catch the last couple of scenes of the 4th on TV last week.
  5. The first one is a classic! the second one its Ok, the third its so so, at least to me, the fourth its only good because Jet Li
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