Lethal Reword 5: True Mirage

Can't seem to find the rules for Warlock anywhere, however. Could someone direct me to the right book?
It's in Complete Arcane.

Really, it's one of my least favorite classes, but multiclassed, it should be alright.
...That'd explain why I can't find it anywhere.

Could one of you guys PM me the stats, or is that a bit of a hassle?

*Now realises the noobishness is beginning to fucking shine*

EDIT: Wait, disregard that. I found them.
Alright, tweaked my guy a bit so he's now a level 3 Warlock rather than a Sorceror.

Not a whole lot in terms of spell choice with Warlocks, but dude, I kinda like this whole Eldritch Blast thing...
WMD, you've used the wrong version. This is a 3.5 campaign, where you've clearly got a 4e sheet.

Though really, we've got eight people already. I'd need some real convicing why I'd want to bump the character total to ten.

so no glaive fighty dude following Hades then?

Hades is more a self-loathing, cunning bastard. Bit bi-polar, too; half the year, he gets to see his wife Persephone and you get happy Hades. The other half and she's stolen away by her mother's scheming, resulting in an angry, self-hating Hades.

Yes, I like me some Greek Gods. They're kinda awesome.
I know!

It does seem like frosty is back, though, so he should be able to squeeze in a post soon.
I understand life happens, so don't think I'm trying to be like, "ZOMG SOMEONE NEEDS TO POST UGH." And I've talked to Frosty enough to know a little about what goes down in his corner of life.

Just trying to bump LR5, is all. I think we're all really enjoying this RP. The last thing I want is for this to die. It's fantastic!
Best thing to do is either use the Test Forum Vay linked, or use an online roller and screenshot it if you REALLY want to post proofs. Otherwise, we can use the honor system. =D
Eh. Back in other forums, the honor system turned out making quite a few characters -considerably- more epic...

Though I feel I can offer a soft pat of trust here.

We'll continue using any dice roller you prefer - test forum or otherwise. I trust you lot.