Let Us Make our Own Scripture

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  1. STEP 1: Go to Playlist or I-tunes
    STEP 3: Take a few lines from 7th song
    STEP 4: Add Artist’s Name (First or Last), or one word from band
    STEP 5: Add Song’s Length

    Congrads, you have just made your Scripture verse.

    EX:"Wise Men Say, Only Fools Rush In
    But I can't help falling in with you.
    Shall I stay or would be a sin?
    If I can't help falling in love with you."

    Elvis 2:31
  2. "Your Love is out
    Believing despite the loss
    Give me your hand
    Lets face this night and see it through."

    Fires 3:34

  3. "Don't lose it all in the blur of the stars.
    Seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing.
    It's okay not to be okay.
    Sometimes it's hard to follow your heart."

    Jessie 3:51
  4. A few times I have been around that track
    So it is not just going to happen like that
    For I am not a Hollaback Girl
    No, I am not a Hollaback Girl

    Stefani 3:21
  5. I will fight until there's nothing left
    Cross the world together from this sinking ship
    Or drown alone
    Off the coast
    Facing nothingness
    Drawn to feel the emptiness
    Oh help me now
    Describe the scene

    Karnivool 5:47

  6. "I am the who when you call
    "Who's there?"
    I am the wind
    Running through your hair."

    Nightmare 3:16

    Had to click a few extra times to get a song with words :/
  7. "Cause I can't live if you're not happy
    I can't live if you cry,
    But I can live without you if it makes you smile
    And I can't wait to see you rise
    And I can't wait for you to shine"

    Butch 3:25
  8. "Cats and dogs are not our friendsThey just pretend
    They just pretend
    It's just emotions we invent
    Like photographs we put on shelves
    Cats and dogs are not our friends"

    Camille 3:29
  9. "I remember when you were falling And I was there just holding onto you And I remember all those scars I wear That you carved in me"
    Madina 3:36
  10. Sufferers who suffer all
    Can swim upon the desert.
    Avarice has ravaged all
    In spite of good intentions.

    Molly 2:50
  11. "I built a bridge across the stream my consciousness,
    It always seems to be a flowin',
    But I don't know which way my brain is goin',
    Oh the ryhmin' and the timin',
    Keeps the melodies inside me,
    And they're comin',
    Till I'm running out of air,
    Are you prepared to take a dive into the deep end of my head?
    Are you listening to a single word I've said?"

    Mraz 3:08
  12. On your feet right this instant, oh Soldier of Fate
    Strike down the enemy with your Sword of Lightning
    Oh Hero of Steel, should you want your dream of peace to become true
    You must believe in the love and the future you must protect
    To eternity! To eternity!

    JAM Project 4:44
  13. All that I have left inside
    Is a soul that's filled with pride
    I tell you never again

    Draiman 4:7
  14. Hold on to the things you favor most
    Shift right and let it run down
    If my peace could find a way out
    Let go of the youthful honesty

    Coheed 3:29
  15. You take your skinny girls
    Feel like I'm gonna die
    'Cause a real woman
    Needs a real man here's why:
    You take your girl
    And multiply her by four
    Now a whole lot of woman
    Needs a whole lot more

    -Mika 3:11

    [Two verses, I cheated x3]
  16. "Darkness Darkness
    Take my hand and let me sleep.
    In the coolness of your shadow
    In the silence of you depth."
    Solas 3:39
  17. What were the words I meant to say before you left?
    When I could see your breath lead where you were going to
    Maybe I should just let it be and maybe it will all come back to me
    Sing, oh, January, oh

    Decemberists 3:12
  18. "When I walk on by girls be looking like damn he fly
    I pimp to the beat
    walking down the street in my new lafreak, yeah
    This is how I roll, animal print pants on patrol
    It's Redfoo with the big ass 'fro
    And like Bruce Lee I got the glow, yo
    Girl behold that body
    I work out"

    LMFAO 3:19
  19. "Yeah, hold me tight
    With all your might
    Now let your lovin' flow
    Real sweet and slow

    Woman, take me in your arms
    Rock your baby
    Woman, take me in your arms
    Rock your baby


    Aaaaaaah woman, take me in your arms
    Rock your baby
    Oo, oo, oo
    Woman, take me in your arms
    Rock your baby"

    McCrae 3:19
  20. A scrub is a man who thinks he is fly,
    And he is also known as a buster.
    He is covetous,
    And he rides a lame mule.

    TLC 4:17