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    Posting Experience: Intermediate
    Posting Length: 2-10 paragraphs
    Paragraph Minimum: 2-4
    Posting Speed: A few - several times a day

    Hello! As you can see, I'm really new here and am having a bit trouble going around the forums. It actually took me a while to read the rules and to get used to with the sites forums. If I take a while to reply to you, that'll mean I'm browsing around the web or the forum, or I'm actually busy as fuck.
    I'm random and weird and would probably annoy you, lol.
    I can post up to 580 words and above, 2-10 paragraphs, but I can adjust for you if you'd like.
    The length of my replies depend on my muse, your reply and the time I have.
    I must warn you that I sometimes go off topic when I make a post, but I'll go back straight to the point (maybe XD ).
    I'm on the +8 GMT timezone.
    I don't have any limitations, so we can roleplay as much scenes as we can.
    Though, I will not do anything that involves rape, beastality and necrophilia. Just No.
    I can deal with lots of fluff, because if I can't receive any, at least let my characters receive some.
    I'm a very friendly person and I like to have a good chat and get to know more about my partner.
    I'm very awkward and shy, so please don't get offended if I take a while to reply to your messages.
    I swear like a sailor.
    I like to double up at times and I'm very comfortable doing any kind of pairings (mxm, mxf, fxf).
    I won't leave you hanging, and I'll also send you a message if I'll be taking a short hiatus or when I will not be available.
    have a tendency to not reply, but don't worry, I'm not quitting, it'a just my muse c:
    Actually Craving For
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    Harry Potter
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    Soul Eater
    Arranged Marriage
    Supernatural (Not the TV show)

    Show Spoiler
    Soul Eater
    Death Note
    Attack on Titan
    One Punch Man

    Movie/TV Shows
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    5th Wave
    Harry Potter
    The Amazing Spiderman
    Gods of Egypt

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    Show Spoiler

    Super Powered

    Soul Marks
    Alternate Universes
    Time Traveling

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  2. Hi, I'm interested. Do you have a preference on the gender you play? C:
  3. Awesome! Eh, I can play both genders, but I mostly do males cx
  4. Hi hi.
    I'd be interested in an apocalyptic or fantasy type RP if you'd be interested?~
    (M x M if possible..?)
  5. I sure am! I have a few plots in mind, would you like me to PM you? c:
  6. Yes please!~
  7. are you still looking for anyone....i see that you wanna do a creeppasta rp...and iv been looking for someone to do that with me for a while.
  8. Yep still looking c:
    And I just might have a plot for Creepypasta!
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  9. well i can throw my ideas out there and you can see if that works for you ^^
    I have been wanting to RP this FANDOM for a bit. it will MY OC X CH from the story.

    Ticci Toby X my OC OK well let say are characters met when they were really little my character was Toby's only friend because everyone made fun of him because of his stutter. But one day the Toby and his family moved far away in my character never saw him again years after Toby's incident with his sister passing away... letting his sanity slowly slip away into the darkness and finally letting the voices take control, with also the killing of his father. Toby becomes part of Slenderman's proxy he works with Masky and Hoodie. And our characters would read me again but not on good terms. My character is in a disguise so she isn't recognizable to Toby and it's been so long since my character has seen yours she doesn't know what he looks like so they're going to end up fighting probably. Idk just throwing shit out there lol
    we can plan more once we talk.
  10. did not see you edited it XD
  11. Still looking tbh
  12. Are you still looking for a Creepypasta RP?

    I've been looking for one for days x-x
  13. Still am c:
  14. Mind if I PM you then?
  15. Please do c:
  16. Well Hello you have a wonderful list of things that I am interested in . IF you are free to talk please let me know . :)
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