Let The Kingdom Burn!

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  1. So I just want to know if anyone will join this once I post the thread!
    This will be rated a PG15 because PG18 is too much and PG13 isn't enough.
    Kingdom Crest Academy is an average enough high school. You have your Preps and you're Delinquents and everything in between. There are the poor.. and the rich students. It was orderly.. well, as orderly as a high school could get. But when an unknown person decides to disrupt that peace, many will so anything to unmask this social murderer. 'The Kingdom Burner' is what they refer to themselves as. Somehow someone gathered everyone's secret and is revealing them one at a time. It won't be long until everyone's secrets are exposed. Everyone is turning on everyone because there is no one they can trust. Best friends against best friends.

    Do not post in the Roleplay until I have accepted your character in the OOC

    I have the right to accept or decline your skeleton. If I ask you to change something, change it and then we can both get on with our lives.

    Intermediate is the minimum. At least 2 decent looking paragraphs with 8 sentences.. at minimum.

    Grammar, spelling, punctuation that's all important. I accept occasional slip ups but if I can't read your writing with ease I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

    Be active! If you go 3 days without posting I will hunt you down and give you your first and only warning! If you don't post by 2 days after that your spot will be lost.

    Save the drama for the Roleplay, if you cabt get along with others then I'm going to ask you to leave.

    I accept critism! I love it, in fact! But if you say something along the lines of "This is crap" I will ask you to leave and never return.

    If you are interested in having your character be the Kindom Burner PM me and we will see what happens from there. You must be okay with maintaining a website with me and you must be okay with maintaining a twitter. You must post everday. We will talk about more regulations when you PM me.

    Again, I am just looking if anyone would be interested before I post this. ^-^
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  2. I'm down for this.
  3. Awesome! Once I know I few more people want to join I will make the OOC
  4. Well, let's not let this die, then!
  5. If you want I could place it in the OOC and advertise it?
  6. Sounds good.
  7. I'm interested ^^ This sounds like fun :D
  8. Awesome! I am going to create the OOC right now and I'll send you guys the link!
  9. That's where we put up our CS, right?
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  10. Awesome ^.^!
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