Let me escape into a world of fiction! (fandom, pairings, original etc)

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  1. Hello all!

    I need a form of escapism as school as getting harder and harder, and roleplay is the best way to do that! I'm not sure how many partners I'll take on etc but we'll see.

    Important information:
    • You must reply at least twice a week, once a week is fine if you're busy (I understand)
    • OOC chat is much preferred, it lets me understand what you want from the RP better and I just generally like making new friends!
    • We both have to plot and develop the RP together, I feel like in all the RPs I've been in, I've done most of the work (and like, all of the first posts lol). I know that's partly because some of them are my ideas, but it would be nice not to have the RP world on my shoulders.
    • Your spelling and grammar must be of a good standard.
    • All replies must be at least 1-2 detailed paragraph, preferably more as I'm more likely to give you 3-6 paragraphs.
    • I will play both males and females.
    • I will do MxF and FxF pairings.
    • I do expect you to double in some cases.
    • I expect NPCs to be used.
    • Your character must have a semi-detailed character sheet, and I don't accept anime pictures.
    • Libertine is something that might be discussed.

    (key = (c) will play canon characters, (o) will play OC characters and/or a complete OC cast, (i) got general plot ideas for this, if there's a little * it means I'm fancying doing this RP)
    • Doctor Who (c)(o)(i)*
    • Torchwood (c)(o)
    • Downton Abbey (o)(w/o)
    • The Lion King (o)(i)
    Ask about fandoms, there are so many more than this, these are just the ones I really feel like (bear in mind I don't do game or anime fandoms)

    General RPs:
    (roles I'd prefer are in bold, but you might be able to convince me to do the other role)

    Celebrity x Fan
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    I'd play an OC preferably female actress/writer and you'd play a fan of there's. We can double!

    Boss x Employee
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    Looking for something in politics in London, maybe an MP's researcher or PA - if you have other ideas just let me know!

    Teacher x Student
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    Only for the England/Wales school system (willing to give you information on this) We can double!

    Show Spoiler
    Not zombies! It would focus on a group of survivors trying to start life on an island after some sort of cataclysmic event, we can incorporate pirates/gangs into this too. Multiple characters and pairings required!

    Ask about other pairings/ideas if you think I might be interested.

    That's it for now lovelies, please PM or post here if you'd like!
  2. I'd be interested in the Teacher/Student! Are you into the Game of Thrones fandom at all?
  3. I'm not into GoT I'm afraid! (one day I'll watch/read it though aha) Let me know if you still wanna RP though.

    What kind of post size do you normally do? And are you okay with playing numerous OCs?
  4. 1-3, 1-6 if I'm really motivated. I have no problem playing multiple characters because it moves the plot along.