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  1. Name: Bryson Occlan
    Age: 14 (Skipped ahead 2 grade levels when he was younger.)
    Character's reason for being in class 19: Bryson's parents learned that at a young age, Bryson was a child prodigy, they praised him, his teachers praised him. It was too much. Of course after that he would have a superiority complex from that, who wouldn't at the age of 7? That wasn't what did it though, it was the cynicism, all his teachers always said the same thing "Sure he was easy to teach, he already knew the subject, if only he would refrain on pointing out everyone's stupidity he'd be an exemplary student." That's what his parents wanted so "to teach him a lesson in humility," they sent him to class 19.
    Past: Mostly included in his reason for being in class 19 (Sorry I kind of fused the two.)
    Appearance: Looks slightly older than he is, has winter-green eyes.

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  4. 1) Name. Neil Green
    2) Age. 18
    3) Why is your character in the troublesome class? Other than his extremely sadistic nature, Neil needs to be kept apart from any students who won't understand his way of thinking, with his fists that is, or he'll teach them his way of thinking
    4) Past. Neil grew up around the "Wrong crowd" he learned a few tricks on the street at a young age and never felt the need to change, he started to mug and steal and fight at the age of 10, ever since he's gone right to violence to solve conflicts, and has a record of violent crimes...although lately he's been rather well behaved
    5) Physical traits. Standing at around 6 foot 1 Wears a simple black eyepatch over his left eye, self inflicted injury, performed to show his lack of fear, a number of scars litter his face, yet somehow he remains rather handsome, his only remaining eye is a deep blue, that almost screams innocence, even to those who know his ways
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