Lemme Cut to the Chase

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  1. I'll use bullet points, because I have the attention span of a--

    1) I'm Dot. I'm new here, but not other places.

    2) I like to write. Kind of a lot.

    3) 23, post-grad, west coast.

    4) I'm a freelance writer, but I also manage the radio show for a charity in the Rockies. It's cold.

    5) I love RPing and Batman and tattoos and Batman and my PS3 and Batman.

    6) Did I mention I love Batman?

    Let's be friends?

  2. Welcome to Iwaku. Pleased to meet you.
    You say you have a short attention span, but your writing sample says otherwise. :) I like your style. Correction. I really like it.
  3. Oh my. I was ill-prepared for such compliments. Pardon me while I giggle like a high school girl at her prom.

    Also, thank you! And thank you. =D
  4. Hi, Batman. You.....~looks at a video~......than me ~looks at a different video~
  5. I feel like I'm missing an inside joke...I'M SO CULTURALLY IRRELEVANT!
  6. Batmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. :D

    Also hi and welcome to Iwaku.


    ... I like the Batfamily. A liiiitttle too much.
  7. ^^BLASPHEMER. There is no such thing.

    Also, hello! And thank you!
  8. Hi! welcome to Iwaku~
    Omg, radio show? Tell me about it! That sounds like fun!
  9. Hello! Thank you!

    Haha, I'm sure my part in it isn't nearly exciting as it sounds. Mostly scheduling interviews with volunteers and...voluntees? And then editing together the finished product. But thank you for your interest! I feel exiting now! =D
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