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Kelsi Kitsune

This will be updated as I add more information on this world. This will be edited to add in minor races, but new information will be placed in new posts on this thread.
World Name: Leinvul
Origin of name: Skyrim dragon language; Lein and Vul, roughly translating to Dark World.

Imperial Isle

Elven controlled
Ever Forest - covered in a somewhat dense fog

The Bruised Shore - a destroyed shore consisting of a major land mass of scorched land due to the first major war in which humans tried to invade the Imperial Isle, failing spectacularly

Synthae Arcanis (large Metropolis) - the Elven Capitol of the Imperial Isle

Exalted Rift - A darkened area, quite devoid of life, aside from minor goblin encampments, and the occasional necromancer or bandit dwellings.
These make up The Hallowed Province

Human controlled
The Infernal Expanse - the largest consistent area in the province, with features of decimated earth and multiple major crevices covering it

The Pale Fields - An icy expanse of land(much like skyrim) with farms and small settlements of minor importance

Storm Haven - large castle area built by an long forgotten Warlord, and home to the latest generation of her kin

Aserran - human Capitol of the Dawn Province, and though their might and technology is rather advanced, it is by far the smallest of the notable major settlements
These make up The Dawn Province


Orc controlled
Draekon - the Capitol city of the Orc controlled Vibrant Province

Devils Bath(Active Volcano) - large volcano

Taemor Sigilis(destroyed city) - scorched earth much like The Bruised Shore, with extra features of craters and still vibrant lava flows from the ancient eruption of the Devils bath
These make up The Vibrant Province

Assault on Clear Shore - The failed attack on what is now known as the bruised shore by the humans. This battle only raged for three weeks, and though humans were technologically advanced, the Elven knowledge of magic kept them from advancing. After three weeks, the humans returned to their home of Adaeviel, but the damage from both sides had forever scorched the once beautiful shores of the Imperial Isle.

Exalted Crisis - The Exalted Rift isn’t a result of natural progression, but rather, the strange destruction to this area was caused by failed attempts to master necromancy by an Elf of olden days. His failed attempt to master the dark magic led to Goblins and other ancient and long extinct races and animals returning from the realm of the dead, and ravaging the land. All that is left is dead trees and plants, and taking their place, goblins and other races now occupy this gloomy expanse of land.

Sigilis Incident - To be sure, the eruption of the Devil’s Throat was another of deliberate tampering, though whether by Orcs or Humans, it has been obscured by time. The details behind this have also been lost to time, though many attribute it to the Orcs trying to master a non-existent magic. Since Orcs don’t have a very good affinity for magic in the first place, mastering something that didn’t exist could explain why it erupted, though destroying an entire expanse of land still baffles scholars the world over. Some speculate that whoever was trying to achieve their goal was in the Capitol city of Taemor Sigilis when the volcano erupted.

Year of the Slaughter - The name Elves gave the massacre, and war, in which Orcs and Humans battled, Targeting the local Elves. Each tried to enslave them for their own side, but when the Elves resisted, both Orcs and Humans began to decimate the Elves, which consisted mostly of Krishana Highborn Elves, the largest Dynasty in the region of a single bloodline at the time, who couldn’t fight a war on two fronts, and were ill prepared for the sudden attacks.

Assassination of Uschymna Krishana - During the year of the slaughter, some Elves sought to improve relations between the two warring factions. When negotiations with Humans were met with utter disaster, they turned to the Orcs, who were slightly more talkative. Negotiations lasted for a while, but before Uschymna could come to an agreement, she was assassinated secretly, and the council was slaughtered, left to the discovery of the Orcs to look like an attack from the Elves. This resulted in the later downfall of the Krishana bloodline.

- The most ancient race by far, and the most attuned to magic. The Imperial Isle is their major stronghold, and most races get along very well here. There are many subcultures of Elves, but the most notable is the Krishana Bloodline and Highborn Elves, the most successful magic users of all races and cultures. This is further referenced by the creation of Henomancy, or Blood Magic by Axilya Krishana, a relatively young Elf who fled from her home with her brother and sister during the
Year of the Slaughter*.

Humans -The most aggressive of all the races in the entire world, they are responsible for a great many different disasters, although they're most attributed to The Year of the slaughter* and the Assault on Clear Shore**, in which their atrocities are most visible. Though they are the weakest with magic, they make up for it in their uses, opting to use magic in a strategic manner, rather than attack randomly and ruthlessly.

- Orcs are moderate in the use of magic, but are ultimately the worst in magic use of the major races. They came to the continent that would later become their home, long after the humans and Elves had settled there. Their stubborn nature and the aggressiveness of Humans eventually to war, after many years of uneasy trust and butting heads.
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