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  1. Nicol sat at a darker corner of the tavern, mainly because there was a drunk bombarder at the center and that never ends well. She sipped her mead deep in thought, Noco her little pseudodragon (actual name) was sleeping conformably on the table. Her leader the oh so worthy of his name Sir. Legendary the Third had left on what he called a 'personal errand.' Bullshit, he was darkening his hair as she and her partner had theorized. Speaking of which, where was Klaus?
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    Klaus had run to several problems which ultimately led him to be late to his appointment. No doubt it would not go forgotten by his so called partner Nicol. For some reason people kept preventing him from heading to his destination. First he was being chased by a couple of roguish men- probably due to his mercenary nature, after he lost the men, he came upon a group of females that had him surrounded and wouldn't let him leave for some reason. When he was finally free- some men tried to pick him up. Klaus appearance have attracted both gender and served him purpose and the same time caused him trouble multiple times. Sadly the male, himself was painfully oblivious on his part. He cursed. He needed to get back before Sir Legendary or whatever came back after darkening his hair. He failed to see why should he darken his hair when everyone knows. But for some reason, no ever seemed to mention it, so Klaus has not mentioned it to the person either. After at long last, he had arrived at the tavern of his destination. He pulled down the hood of his cloak subtly, trying to hide his face as much as possible. Somehow after all what happened earlier. It didn't quite feel like he kept a low profile. Perhaps he became too lax? He searched Noco the pseudodragon. It would be easier to find his partner then. There seemed to be drunk bombarder in the middle. He swiftly head to his partner. "I'm back." he muttered
  3. "The triumphant return." Nicol said under her breath. "I would ask what took you so long but I'm pretty sure I know the answer." The bombarder began to juggle. "Shit, why does that old coot have to take so long?" Noco sleepily got up and flopped onto Klaus's lap, purring softly. Suddenly something, well two things, caught Nicol's attention. Two odd looking fellows sat at the other side of the bar. image.jpg
    Nicol immediately suspected the worse. "Don't look now, but we're totally being hunted down by ninjas."
  4. He couldn't help but sigh on the arrival of troublesome guests. Klaus glanced at Nicol and gave a nod before swiftly and subtly leaving the tavern he just entered. No doubt they need to pick their client, Sir Legendary as they were being pursued once again. The faster they lose tracks of the ninjas before they manage to sniff them out would do them better. Klaus would much rather avoid a fight especially in a middle of town. It would cause too much unwanted attention- not to mention alert their other other enemies their location. But this kind of situations couldn't be helped, or rather this was what he trained for.
  5. Nicol got up and followed suit, scooping up the sleepy Noco into her arms. She stole a final glance at the ninjas. They were strange, dark grey skin, steel horns protruding from their faces, steel claws, and of course glowing red eyes, because you couldn't be threatening without glowing red eyes. They spoke in a language even she didn't understand. She came out the door, mind filled with questions that she was soon forced to push into the back of her head.

    Sir. Legendary bumped into Klaus after coming out of a small tent near the tavern. For a molment he looked scared but the paladin quickly masked this with happiness. "Claws my man! And Nisol as well! Eager to get back to adventuring I see! Well good thing, a old lady in this tent has a quest for us!" He announced jollily. Nicol rolled her eyes, the old coot never remembered their names.
  6. Klaus internally facepalmed. "Let us meet this lady quickly. We do not want to keep her waiting." though in reality, he was pressuring Sir Legendary to avoid their pursuers. Klaus thought it would be best not to tell him at the moment or it would cause unnecessary trouble and besides, he does not seem like he would be much of use. He sighed. When he first took this request, he thought he could finally meet the people's hero. Their Saving Grace. But alas, what they have gotten was this. He rolled his eyes. The male followed after Sir Legendary entering upon the tent and as soon as Nicol came in, he surveyed the area before closing it. He had hope they had not track of their scent or he had to throw Sir Legendary, himself, and his partner upon a lake to throw the ninjas off and that would only be the beginning. Klaus let Sir Legendary handle the introductions. He was never one much for talking anyway.
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    "There you are whipper-snappers! I've been waiting for hours!" Nicol was about to comment on the fact that Sir. Legendary had left her tent five seconds ago but was overtaken by the smell. A vile stench filled the tent, seeming to be coming from the old hag herself. "It is good to see you haven't aged a day since I last saw you madam!" "That was five seconds ago." "It is good to see you haven't aged a millisecond since I last saw you madam! I am Sir. Legendary the Third and these are my companions." The knight kneeled honorably before the woman and was smacked on the head by her knobby cane. "Enough with the pleasantries! I have a Quest for you!" The woman walked over to a rusty pipe that hung over a large pot. She gave it a thwack with her cane and slowly a blood red blob of goop dripped out. image.jpg It animated and tried to climb up the slick walls of the lady's pot. "See?! Bloody blood slimes have infested the sewers. They're polluting the town's water supply and more importantly clogging my pipe!"
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