Legends of Hyrule (A Legend of Zelda Fan RP reboot, see inside for details!)

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    Before time began, before spirits and life existed, three Golden Goddesses descended from a Distant Nebula upon the chaos that was Hyrule. These three Golden Goddesses were Din, the Goddess of Power; Nayru, the Goddess of Wisdom; and Farore, the Goddess of Courage. The Golden Goddesses each infused the land of Hyrule with their own powers. Din, with her strong, flaming arms, cultivated the land and created the red earth. Hence, she created the very earth from which life in Hyrule would spring. Nayru poured her wisdom onto the earth and gave the spirit of law to the world, thus establishing order in a formerly chaotic world. She was responsible for the creation of the laws of the universe, including the laws of science and wizardry that would govern Hyrule and the universe at large. Farore, with her rich soul, produced all life forms that would uphold the law established by Nayru. As the mother of all life in the universe, she created the beings that would walk the earth, fly in the sky, and swim in the waters.

    The three Golden Goddesses, their labors completed, departed for the heavens from a parallel dimension connected to the land of Hyrule, a realm of midday golden skies and a place where the spirits could roam free. A temple dedicated to the element of light was set at the heart of this Golden Land and the Goddesses departed from the point atop the pyramidal temple, leaving behind a symbol of their power at the point atop the temple. This symbol, a golden triangle composed of three smaller triangles united to form one, came to be known as the Triforce, a relic of omnipotent and omniscient power. The Triforce, when mastered in its entirety, would grant its wielder his or her heart's desire for the duration of his or her natural life. It served as a balance of the three forces: Power, Wisdom and Courage. Only one with all three forces in balance in his or her heart would be able to wield the united Triforce and use its true power to govern all. The Golden Land of the Triforce came to be known in the land of Hyrule as the Sacred Realm.

    Unfortunately, one life-form attempted to gain the Triforce for his own evil desires, the demon known as Demise. Eventually, the land of Hyrule was overrun by demons, forcing the first humans to live in the sky in what would eventually be known as Skyloft. The deity Hylia, the appointed keeper of the Triforce, joined the remaining tribes to battle Demise before turning him into the behemoth known only as The Imprisoned and sealing him within the confines of the Temple of Hylia, which deteriorated into the Sealed Grounds. Though Demise was defeated, The Imprisoned proved to be too powerful for the seal to hold him. As a counter, Hylia crafted the Goddess Sword which was placed under the watch of Skyloft. Then, she discarded her divinity and years later, would be reincarnated as a young woman named Zelda. However, the actions of Ghirahim, a being that was originally Demise's sword, forced Zelda to learn of her true nature. In an attempt to keep Demise at bay until her chosen hero, a young man named Link, could destroy the fiend, she traveled back in time and entered a dormant state of being.

    By the time Link arrived to the moment in time when Zelda entered her suspended animation, Link had infused the Goddess Sword with the three goddesses' flames of purification, transforming it into a weapon infused with the power to banish evil itself. This weapon came to be known as the Blade of Evil's Bane, or more commonly, the Master Sword. Though obtaining the Triforce and using it to destroy The Imprisoned, Ghirahim spirited Zelda further into the past to revive Demise there. Link pursued Ghirahim and defeated the demon lord and the newly revived Demise. After the weapon absorbed the last trace remains of the resurrected Demise, the Master Sword was placed into the magical Pedestal of Time within the Temple of Hylia before Link and Zelda returned to their time. Soon after, many of Skyloft's residents eventually returned to the now monster-free Hyrule, having been mostly purified of the beasts who followed Demise. However, in his final moments, Demise had foretold that his malice will be born anew and both Zelda and Link's descendants would live lives of suffering.

    To seal the gateway to the Triforce's new hiding place, which would later become known as the Sacred Realm, the Ancient Sages, the appointed wielders of the powers of the world's elements by the Goddesses, converted the Sealed Grounds into the Temple of Time. The Temple of Time was constructed around the Pedestal of Time. The Sages also modified the Master Sword with the assistance of the Oocca race to act as the key to the Sacred Realm. The Sages then sealed the Grand Chamber of the Master Sword with a mighty stone barrier known as the Door of Time, which was then locked by a seal that could only be broken by one possessing three magical jewels the Spiritual Stones, and the powerful instrument known as the Ocarina of Time. Whoever possessed the Ocarina also must have possessed the knowledge to play the Song of Time. Each of these items was then given to the four major races of Hyrule: the Humans, the Gorons, the Deku's and the Zora's. The Ocarina of Time was given to the newly appointed Royal family for safekeeping, for the fear that the Shiekah Tribe would keep it hidden even from the one who was destined to open the Temple, and the Geuredo were not to be trusted given their history of thievery.

    As the ages passed, Demise's final words became a prophecy, telling of a catastrophic event known as the Great Cataclysm, in which the Triforce would be shattered and the land of Hyrule would be cast into darkness. However, this dark entity would be repelled by a great hero, the Hero of Time, who would wield the Master Sword on the eve of the Cataclysm. The Hero of Time would work with the mythical Seven Sages to banish the dark one and return the light of peace to the land of Hyrule. This legend passed down through time and became myth as well as prophecy, the Prophecy of the Great Cataclysm and the Hero of Time.

    For many ages, each of the races of the land lived in peace. However, knowledge of the mythical Sacred Realm and the all-powerful Triforce contained within spread across the land. Eventually, Hyrule fell into a state of civil war as the peoples fought to gain control of the Sacred Realm and the Triforce within. One tribe, a group of dark magicians, referred to simply as Interlopers, crafted an ultimate weapon, the Fused Shadow, and attempted to use it to seize control of the Sacred Realm and by extension take the Triforce for their own.

    The threat of the Interlopers and their powerful dark magic became so great that the Golden Goddesses intervened once more. They commanded the Light Spirits to confiscate the Fused Shadow and banish the Interlopers to a land of perpetual twilight. The Light Spirits obeyed their orders, and the Interlopers were driven into the prison world of the Twilight Realm. There, they gradually evolved due to exposure to the twilight, becoming the Twili race, and eventually let go of their resentment towards the world of light and became more peaceful and humble. The Mirror of Twilight was left as the only portal between the Twilight Realm and Hyrule. The Fused Shadow was shattered into four pieces, one of which was kept by the Interlopers and their descendants. The other three were hidden across the land of Hyrule by the Light Spirits.

    The war ended when the King of Hyrule unified the land under one banner. The Hylian Royal Family presided over all the land, with races such as the Zora, Gorons, and Gerudo swearing allegiance to the king. However, Ganondorf, the Gerudo King of Thieves, and also the prophesied incarnation of Demise's hatred, secretly plotted to betray the king and obtain the Triforce so that he might conquer Hyrule for himself. He would have succeeded, if he had not stumbled into the furthest reaches of the desert never to be seen again... Or so the legend says. Nobody quite knows what happened to Ganondorf at that point in time, but some say he had taken over Hyrule with the power of the Triforce, only to be stopped by the Hero of Time, who erased all memory of the cataclysmic event from Hyrule. But, Ganondorf would return, having apparently been sealed in the Realm of Twilight by the Spirits of Light shortly after he had found the Triforce. The legends split off and offer new explanations as to how he returned from the desert/his banishment, but the most common version of the legend says that after the Hero of Time defeated Ganondorf, he traveled back in time to warn the Princess of the Geuredo King's treachery before it even happened. As a result, he was to be executed by the Ancient Sages. The Sages execution failed as Ganondorf had already acquired the Triforce of Power, but they instead sent him to a parallel dimension known as the Twilight Realm. But it could not contain Ganondorf's evil and one hundred centuries after he had been banished, Ganondorf finally escaped. He enlisted the help of a Twili named Zant, who had previously usurped the Princess of Twilight, Midna, of her throne. Using the armies of the Twilight Realm, Ganondorf corrupted the land of Hyrule and merged the two realms into one for a short time. However, Ganondorf knew he required all three pieces of the Triforce before he could properly wish for what he desired. So, he stormed Hyrule Castle and eventually possessed the current residing Princess of Hyrule, Zelda (purposefully named after the Goddess Hylia's reincarnation), gaining control over the Triforce of Wisdom in the process. Before he possessed the Princess a young man named Link (which had become a popular name amongst young men in Hyrule, all of whom hoped to be the "Link" of legend) had taken down Zant and cleansed the land of its Twilight corruption with the aid of Midna, who had been transformed to an impish-creature by Zant. They had gathered the Fused Shadow and with it, stormed Hyrule Castle and defeated Ganondorf. Using the Master Sword and power of the Light Spirits, whom Link had previously met on his quest, Princess Zelda and Link killed Ganondorf and returned Midna to the Twilight Realm. This legend is known as the Twilight of Hyrule.

    Although his human body was destroyed, the power of the Triforce in combination with the darkness in his heart caused Ganondorf to be resurrected in a more suitable form. He remained dormant in a realm of purgatory while his new body was created and would later be known as a much darker deity called Ganon. Ganon was so corrupted by his hatred and the intense power he had gained from the Triforce, that he had become physically deformed by magic and now resembled a giant monstrous pig. Shortly after his body was created, Ganon lost the Triforce of Power and sought to reclaim it.

    In his attempt to reclaim his lost Triforce Piece, Ganon kidnapped the current Princess Zelda. Once again, the cycle repeated and a hero named Link ventured across the land of Hyrule to defeat Ganon's minions before destroying the demon lord. Years later, Princess Zelda was cast into a deep sleep by the powers of Ganon, who still survived in an ethereal form created by his dark magic. Link then set out once more to prevent the demon lord from resurrecting himself and destroyed the source of his magic, which had taken the form of a shadowy figure known as Dark Link. For good measure after Dark Link was destroyed, Seven Wise Men who were descended from the Seven Sages, created a seal around the life force of Ganon, preventing him from ever returning from a land they dubbed the Dark World. These legends are commonly known as the Dark Lord's Rising.

    For another two centuries, nobody heard anything about Ganon and the Triforce was kept safe within the Golden Land. However, when the residing court sorcerer of Hyrule Castle, Agahnim, turned on and murdered the King of Hyrule, the land was thrown into another peril. Agahnim ordered the guards of Hyrule Castle to capture all the young women in the land, desperate to find the descendants of the Seven Wise Men who had sealed Ganon away. As he discovered the Seven Maidens, Agahnim transported the young women into the Dark World so they could reverse the seal on Ganon and release the demon lord from his prison. Only the young Princess Zelda remained and, as the Seventh Maiden, would be the key to unleashing Ganon. However, just like before, this incarnation of Zelda was assisted by another Link, who rescued her from Agahnim's clutches. She was eventually kidnapped again, but after unlocking the gateway to the Dark World and acquiring the Master Sword, Link travelled to the hideous realm and defeated both Agahnim and Ganon, who had used the Triforce to resurrect himself and spread ruin across the Golden Land. With the Triforce in his possession, Link wished that all of Ganon's evil could be undone and sealed the demon lord away once more. This legend and the one that followed six centuries afterward, in which a sorcerer named Yuga re-captured the Seven Sages and entered a parallel version of Hyrule known as Lorule with the sole purpose of freeing Ganon from his prison and taking over both realms. Once again, a hero named Link rose to the challenge and destroyed both Yuga and Ganon, sealing the dark lord away once more. These legends are referred to as the Linked Worlds tales.

    Several centuries after the Linked Worlds tales, the seal on the Sacred Realm weakened and the demon lord Ganon escaped his imprisonment. Although the citizens of Hyrule prayed to the three Golden Goddesses for the Hero of Legend to save them once more, he did not appear and Ganon finally gained control over Hyrule. The people of Hyrule were left with no choice but to appeal to the Goddesses, who flooded Hyrule in an attempt to stop Ganon once and for all. The surviving population evacuated to the highest grounds of Hyrule, which became the islands of the Great Sea.

    Using the Master Sword, a seal was then put on Hyrule Castle, keeping it intact inside a giant bubble beneath the Great Sea, while keeping Ganondorf's powers and his minions dormant. While keeping Ganondorf inside of Hyrule, the seal also kept anything else out, as Hyrule could not be accessed simply by diving beneath the Great Sea. It instead required special entry, either by means of ringing the bell atop the Tower of the Gods, a portal, or by holding a shard of the Triforce.

    This incident led into another legend involving the reincarnated hero Link and Princess Zelda, who had assumed a disguise as the Pirate Queen, Tetra. Link had set off to rescue his sister who was taken to the Forsaken Fortress by the reincarnated Ganondorf, having lost his pig-like transformation sometime after Hyrule was sealed away beneath the sea. Link met up with the mysterious entity known as the King of Red Lions, who was actually the King of Hyrule, Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule, who had assumed the form of a small ship as a result of the Goddesses sinking Hyrule. He was transformed to keep a watch over the Temple of the Gods, should Ganondorf somehow return to the surface world. When he realized that the Hero of Legend had been reborn, he rushed to the aid of Link and the two set off on a quest to free the young man's sister. Their quest took them around the Great Sea and forced them to reclaim and restore the powers of the Master Sword from Hyrule Castle. When Ganondorf's resurrection was discovered, Link set off to collect the pieces of the Triforce of courage and defeated the Evil King, who had returned to Hyrule with Princess Zelda as his hostage. After Ganondorf was defeated, Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule used the power of the Triforce to wash away the remains of the sunken Hyrule and Ganondorf with it, resulting in the final destruction of old Hyrule. With his dying breath, he instructed Link and Princess Zelda to find new land, not to be the old Hyrule, but a new land of their own.

    In the years that followed, Link and Zelda ventured across the Great Sea until they discovered an island large enough to be called a continent. They claimed it as "New Hyrule" and continuously brought the people over from various Islands scattered around to start life in the new world. The duo also discovered that along with the Ritos and Koroks, the Deku, Goron and Zora species had also survived the flooding of Hyrule. Along with them, the now-pirate Gureudo people and the long thought-to-be extinct Shiekah tribe ventured to the new world in hopes of restoring the culture they once had. Along with Princess Zelda and Link, the united-races built a new Hyrule, basing the land's geography on the old Hyrule and taking certain inspiration from it. Soon, a new Hyrule Castle was erected, followed by the rebuilding of various towns and regions of land. In the new land, the Hylian's also discovered a race of Yeti's who also previously resided in Hyrule prior to the flooding, but staying in their mountainous homes prevented them from drowning.

    With the new kingdom established and the people's of Hyrule reunited once more, Princess Zelda and Link got married and continued the chain of royalty. Soon, new versions of Termina and Holodon were founded, finally returning Hyrule to how it was before the flood. The re-discovery of the Oocca race gave the new Hylian's knowledge that Skyloft and the Sky Sanctuary still existed, so they enlisted the help of the bird-creatures to build a way for the non flying races to reach the lands while the Rito's flew up and investigated. With this final discovery, the story of Hyrule's history was completed and King Link arranged for a series of texts to be made, detailing the legends and history of Hyrule so the people could look and reflect on the past. Ganondorf had seemingly been defeated once and for all, but each year a ceremony was held in which the new Sages would make and change their seals on the still-lingering spirit of Demise, preventing any form of Ganondorf to return to the land ever again. While the ruins of old Hyrule were unearthed and explored, many of the ancient artifacts such as the Ocarina of Time, the Harp of Ages, which was better known as the Goddess Harp, the Rod of Seasons, a collection of Masks that could grant their wearer special abilities such as the Fierce Deity mask and the Bunny Hood, the Four Sword, shards of the Mirror of Twilight, the Lens of Truth, and more, were found and brought back to New Hyrule to be repaired or analyzed. The artifacts of Old Hyrule, along with the items King Link acquired on his quest and the Master Sword, were all stored in their respective areas. The Master Sword was sent back to the newly built Temple of Time, where it would rest until the end of time itself.

    It has been over a millennia since New Hyrule was founded and so much has changed since then. With brand new technologies such as the steam engine and advanced medicines that don't require a potion being produced by the people's of New Hyrule working together, the land has certainly changed since the old days. No more legends have been produced, no more heroes have emerged to stop villains, and the Triforce has been left alone by the people's of Hyrule. They realize how just how dangerous the power of such an item can be, so they decided it was best to just leave it alone, but still guard it from those who would seek to do wrong with its power.


    But now, New Hyrule is about to get a legend of its very own. The clouds of darkness are starting to spread across the land and there are whispers of a new enemy. Could it be Ganondorf, finally having returned from his banishment once again? Could it be Vaati, the evil sorcerer who, according to legend, threatened the world even before Demise returned as Ganondorf? Or perhaps somebody entirely new with the desire to possess the Triforce as a means to accomplish their own vile deeds? Whatever the case may be, a storm is brewing in New Hyrule... It is time for the Hero of Legend to return once more. But, this time, the legend will not revolve around three people... It will revolve around a group of heroes, each with their own skills and abilities, who unite themselves against the threat of total destruction once more.

    Become a hero. Save Hyrule. Be part of the Legend. Become a Legend.

    So, who's up for an original Zelda Fan-RP? This will have a mixture of LotR-style group traveling and classic Zelda styled adventures.

    We'll wait to see if 4 people join this before I go ahead and make the OoC. What I had in mind for this is that each member of the group would gain access to a mythical weapon (ex. Master Sword, Enchanted Deku Stick from the Deku Tree, Flame/Ice Rod, Goddess Bow, Four Sword, etc) and a Mythical Artifact (ex. Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, Goddess Harp, Rod of Seasons, Phantom Hourglass, etc) and become the heroes we were born to be!

    I'm also not against somebody playing a villain, but I have a few questions as to how they would do that. I would also work very closely with them to make sure what I had planned would work with them having their own set of ideas.

    Also, all of the (peaceful) Races in Hyrule will be playable here. Humans (Hylian's, Sheikah, Geuredo), Gorons, Dekus, Zoras, Fairies, the Twili, Yeti's, Oocca, Rito, Korkiri/Koroks, and more! If there's a specific race you'd like to try out that I maybe didn't mention or perhaps one you know of that I'm not aware existed, let me know and I'll approve them.

    I will also be claiming the Master Sword/Hylian Shield and Ocarina of Time for my character before we begin.

    And before anyone asks: YOU MUST PLAY AN ORIGINAL CHARACTER! What do I mean by this? No established "Link" or "Zelda" incarnations are allowed, nor is a character like Darunia or Midna. You may have descendants of these characters or perhaps even a character who holds a similar position (ex. Chief of the Gorons, Princess/Prince of the Twili, King/Queen of the Zoras, Princess/Prince of the Hylian's, etc), but you can't use the appearance, name, or personality of a character who has already been established in the Zelda universe (unless otherwise specified by me. Exceptions of this would be reincarnations such as Ganondorf, Fi, or the Goddess Hylia)

    Anyways, post below if you're interested! I'll probably have this set up if 3-4 people decide to join! We'll probably accept 8 people in total (with a limit of 3 characters per player), with waiting spots available in case people really want to join in if somebody drops out.

    Also, here's a map of New Hyrule for reference :3

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    Waitin' for some role-playeeeerrrs~

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  4. Am interested and would like to claim godess bow and godess harp
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  6. What kind of character would you want me to play? Like race wise and all.. is there any specific kind of character you feel you 'need' for this RP?
  7. Well we can play characters of any kind like I mentioned. I don't really 'need' a specific type as of right now, it's more or less up to you.
  8. Is anyone still interested in this?
  9. Unfortunately I think it died. I kind of moved on to a Star Wars RP since this seemed like it wasn't getting a lot of interest, but maybe I'll resume this later on when I can devote the attention required.
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