Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD

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  1. Since the game came out today, has anyone gotten a copy yet? I pre-ordered mine from Amazon and as a result, I got the Wolf Link amiibo with it! If only I had Link, Zelda, and Sheik :(
  2. If only I had a Wii U. ;____;
  3. Did they do away with the motion control?

    Only reason I'd get it.

    Otherwise it's just Black Desert at the moment.
  4. You can use either the GamePad or Pro Controller
  5. I pre-ordered mine from GameStop and I just picked it up today; I got the amiibo bundle, of course.

    I originally had the Wii version, but it broke somehow and that's part of the reason why I got this version. It's taking me some getting used to because I'm used to Wii version where the entire world is mirrored, but otherwise I'm having a lot of fun playing it so far. I haven't tried out the Cave of Shadows yet, probably gonna wait till I'm close to beating the game, I heard it's extremely difficult.
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  6. Did you get the soundtrack too? I hear that was a GameStop exclusive.
  7. Yuup, I totally did~

    I didn't realize you could only get it from GameStop, though.
  8. Lucky you :(
  9. Now I need to convince my husband to get us a Wii-U instead of an Xbone.
  10. I need that soundtrack. I got the game, but the biggest draw for me for the game again is the music. It's arguably my favorite OST of anything.
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  11. Well, OST for Twilight Princess is phenomenal, I have a question. Why "HD"? Does 2 letters after an already awesome game somehow make it more, awesome? Since when did a teen who had to deliver cargo to Hyrule town that was abrupted by the love of his life by being kidnapped become better by being HD? I dunno, I grew up with many Legend of Zelda games, and now they are suddenly "better" because of the word HD. I think it's a load of bull, because twilight princess already had the 'best graphics of any zelda game' vibe when it was released.
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  12. Twilight Princess wasn't in HD at first because the original Wii didn't have HDMI output like the PS3 and 360 did. Plus the Wii version was mirrored. Nintendo just changed some things about the game and added some things as well just like they did with Wind Waker HD. God that Tingle sidequest was ASS in the original version -_-
  13. Well, that's comforting. at least It's not like in majora's mask and Ocarina of Time 3D, where Link looks like a santa elf, instead of a predestined hero.
  14. To be fair they were re-released on a handheld so it's not like they could've done a full makeover as if it were being re-released on a home console.
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  15. I can understand that, but come on, even the older models look cooler. Or is that just because I grew up with those 'models' and not the newer ones?
  16. Yeah it's probably nostalgia talking :P
  17. Haha. Ok, time to chug it down with some red wine.
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