Legend of Zelda: Shattered Triforce

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    After the defeat of Ganondorf and the destruction of the mirror of twilight it had seemed that peace had finally come to Hyrule and a new age was to dawn, one of light and prosperity. The years to come would be ones of new life for our chosen hero as Link married Ilia and settled down in his home in Ordon villige to raise a family of his own. Zelda too married and soon became a mother to a daughter and son. One persued the ways of knighthood and the other became a scholar and mage. Fifteen years passed after the Twilight invasion and the wounds set on the world were just beginning to finally heal as Hyrule castle was finaly rebuilt. The leaders of other races stepped down allowing their future youth to lead their people in this time of peace. Darbus decided to have a trial for the next patriarch to see if he could find a young goron to take his place, and then hold a sumo competition to see which of the candidates were strong enough. Thus another patriarch arose from the heated pushing and slapping of the sumo compotition. Prince Ralis had four children of his own as he married a beautiful zora of the same age in this time ruling over his people with kindness and wisdom setting up trading amongst the people of Hyrule, thus expanding their waters reach to the ocean.

    At the end of the fifteen years when the age of ships and exploration were just beginning to open their doors a race long forgotten came raiding and firing their cannons to reclaim a land that was once their own. These sea faring people were the Gerudo, a race of female desert dwellers led by one male that is born every hundred years. Soon the conflict died down as the Gerudo returned to the desert where they once belonged but keeping a hidden fortress on the island known as Pirate Bay, where they fled to when their race disappeared. This allowed the warring race of theives and bandits to repopulate their numbers and create a lucrative business of pirating and bartering their stolen wares. They created a fortress in the desert and soon found their way to the arbitors grounds intending to uncover locked away treasure as well as making it another strong hold for their contol of the entire desert.

    Another fifteen years passed as the land of hyrule seemed to be the greatest place to live as Zelda stepped down in her old age, her two children ruling with kindness and strength as well as wisdom. All of the races were doing well but the peace was soon broken. It was a dark day when the discovery of Link and his family's murder reached the ears of Zelda's children. But the news came too late as the dark clouds moved at an unnatural pace toward the castle. The guards were cut down like grass in the wake of the being they could only describe as the "Tattered Man," who wielded a weapon that was thought long lost to the realm. They soon beheld the awesome power of The Trident of Darkness as this silent being was on a mission to kill Zelda, send the triforce to the sacred realm, and reap his revenge on the royal family for reasons only known to him.

    Leaving the kingdom without a ruler forced the Supreme Counselor and his inner circle to step up as the government of the people of Hyrule until a proper king or queen could be instated. With his work done the Tattered Man turned his attention to finding the sacred realm, the place where the triforce would now rest just waiting to be used. But in his dismay the Tattered Man did not know where to look but had a few ideas, thus his two year journey to find the triforce began and eventually ended with him entering the sacred realm through methods unknown. The Tattered Man's goal was finally reached as he saw the three pieces of the triforce in sight, knowing what his wish was the tattered man spoke in Hylian tongue long lost to the land. The sacred realm began turning dark as the Tattered Man lifted the Trident of Darkness, using it to shatter the pieces of the triforce and forcing them to scatter amongst the world. With this dark deed he waited as the sacred realm transformed into a place of pure shadow. The Dark Realm was created and with it the Tattered Man seemed to fade into mystery. Demons of old began to manifest as the world the Trident's true master strived for was manifesting before the relics's site. But soon there was somone who claimed the throne of this new world.

    With nothing to stand in her way, a being of malevolent power was born into a world where she reined supreme. As the Queen of Dark Realm opened her eyes for the first time, but with the knowledge of millenia in her eyes she knew all as the memories of the sacred realm were passed to her. The beings of this realm knelt before her as did all the monsters. Even the monsters of Hyrule felt her presence and acknowledged her as their queen. However the Queen had plans of her own as she possesed a once destroyed relic at her disposal, for in this realm the Mirror of Twilight was yet to be destroyed, leaving her with one more place she planned to explore with her dark and conquesting mind that even the late Ganon would applaud as she moved to the Arbiter's Grounds in Dark Realm, its prison walls unlike its light realm counterpart contained prisoners and creatures dark and powerful in which she plotted many ways to use them to her advantage. Harnessing her powers of darkness, she attempted to open a gate of her own to the Twilight and succeeded. In the process a strange effect overcame the light realm as four portals opened across Hyrule causing mass confusion and caution amongst the people of Hyrule, making them wonder if enemies of old would attempt another invasion.

    The people of the Twili had recovered from the wounds that Zant had inflicted on their world. Midna had long passed her seat over to her heirs. Confusion struck them as well as the portals long closed had returned after 32 years many wondered if this was the end for their people ... or new beginnings?

    Nothing could be described as many monsters in the land began to bring themselves to order as if an unknown hand was guiding their reins. Without a proper example of leadership and hope on the throne many began to doubt their government's power, while some still clung to the hope that the gods were still on their side as a black portal opened to reveal a new enemy: Dark Realm.

    This is the world you are plunged into. There is potential for great feats of good... or great feats of evil ... none will know.

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