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  1. With permission, I am posting a second try for interest check of an idea originally by Tarot. Tarot wanted to find out what happened to Link after he saved Hyrule. Tarot and I discussed more in PM and now this interest check is formed by both of us, here is who Tarot is: @Tarot

    Hyrule is saved, Ganon has fallen, but where are the celebrations with our savior?? What happened... to LINK!!! (and Navi)

    This role play would be focused on the Adult Link Timeline after the events of the game. Exploration, adventure, danger, excitement, intrigue, discovery, all this is included!!

    Lon Lon Ranch owners Malon, Talon as well as that stupid Ingo who is lowest of the low, have decided to extend their ranch into an orphanage. After the great war against Ganon, many families lost their fathers, husbands, and brothers to the evil monsters unleashed by that evil loser. The Hero of Time slew many great foes and Ganon himself, but unfortunately there were too many minions for him alone to deal with. The Hyrule Army, volunteers, and even mercenaries, leaped in to help save the land. It was a strong victory, but at great cost.

    What is this role play about?

    Orphaned children, becoming curious about The Hero of Time, form up a group to seek out clues of his whereabouts. The role play would be a series of small arcs on top of an overall main arc. The main settings would be The Orphanage at Lon Lon Ranch, The Museum of Hyrule at the currently rebuilding Hyrule Town, Castle, and Market, and the world of Hyrule as known in Zelda: Ocarina of Time, by Nintendo.

    Who will you be in this role play??

    Orphans, ranch employees, or a museum employee. While we prefer mostly orphans from Lon Lon Ranch, it would also be nice to have a bit of diversity such as chaperones that go with the children, museum employees that also have interest with what the children are trying to discover. You can even be an arch nemesis to the group, like some treasure hunter that has low morality that tries to sabotage or beat them to it.

    What is expected?

    Post Rate: For me, I'm able to post daily at evening time, maybe a few at most, but at least daily or almost daily. Slower or faster is fine, but maybe around that speed would be ideal for this.

    Post Length: Just detail, something to work with, and no need for fluff. More detail is always fine, but if its a one-liner or too vague and you don't get a sense of who, what, when, where, why, then maybe this is not for you. So maybe a paragraph or two minimum depending on if you are just answering something real quick IC or giving a plot advancement.

    Dice Involved?

    I am open to dice system, but I think if we even do it, best to be super simple. Let me know if you think this would be great for when we adventure and go to dungeons or fight monsters(there will still be monsters)

    If you are interested or have questions or suggestions, please reply below:


    Litá Fày Fiña
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  2. Popping my head, I am super excited for this idea. Hopefully we get some bites.
  3. Anyone interested?
  4. Bump and come all, come get your lon lon milkshake
  5. Dude, this sounds awesome! I'd be ecstatic to do a roleplay like this one!

    As of questions. . . I don't believe that I have one - I only have one, statement about the dice system.
    I have no idea how to use it (don't laugh or patronize, I haven't been on this website long enough to know). So, if we were to use it, would one of you explain to me how to use it? Thanks.. xx

    If there's anything else from me that you need, just let me know! I'd be happy to hear back from you.
  6. @slyred

    Welcome to the group! And if we were to use the dice system me or Lita would give details on how to do that, so no worries there. And it is fine that you don't know how to use it, but since you are new, welcome to Iwaku~
  7. @slyred

    No problem. Do you know what race you would like to play?
  8. @Tarot

    Um. Well, I was thinking about being an orphan of Lon Lon Ranch if that's what you're asking.
  9. @slyred

    Okay. Then what race, Gerudo, Goron, Zora, Kokari, or Human?
  10. Hey this is great :grouphug: welcome and I'm not sure either I think after you post you can roll and then after you roll you can't edit the post but let me double check so please hold

    update: nice you can edit your post its just that the dice can't be edited of course

    i wonder if anyone plays poker on here or yahtzee

    Here is how:

    After you post, in the lower right corner of your post there should be those links Bookmark, Reply, and More Options. So you want to click More Options and then choose Throw Dice

    And that is how you can
    Litá Fày Fiña threw 90-faced die for: CHANCE Total: 504 $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice
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  11. @Litá Fày Fiña

    Thank you so much! For some reason I thought the whole process was much more difficult than this.
  12. @Litá Fày Fiña

    Would Goron, Zora, and Gerudo be applicable to play in this because I'd think they would actually stick with their kinsmen because they seem so tight-knit ?
  13. Maybe they would be more rare, but we could make it work for those that want to

    As a Kokiri, my character is not really an orphan but I just blend in at the orphanage sort of and plus Malon loves Kokiri since they remind her of the boy with fairy, her crush

    Maybe after the crisis, many races have become more open, but most still congregate together with their own
  14. @Litá Fày Fiña

    I could see that, and maybe they don't have the capacity to care for those young?


    It would be best to have an even amount of players.
  15. @slyred

    I'd say we would just need one more character to make a full team, in my opinion at least. So if you know anyone who wants to join a role-play usher them this way.
  16. @Tarot

    I'll see if any of my friends will be interested - I only know of a few that actually know about the Zelda world. More specifically Ocarina of Time.
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