Legend of Korra RP anyone? (open to any ideas! OC's and Main Characters welcome!)

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  1. So, I am really craving a Legend of Korra Roleplay. However, ideas for this are few and far between. I know that I want someone as a "bad" man or woman, but other than that, I'm running a blank. Any bending type is welcome yet no godmodding with another supposed "avatar". We all know there is only one. However your character, should you choose to be an OC, can have multiple bending abilities (For example - Character is an Earth bender, but he can also lava bend and metal bend. That is ok! In fact, it is encouraged!!)

    Oh and also Main Character X OC relationships are encouraged in this RP for more interesting plot twists ;)

    Here is one of my plot ideas:
    There is a sickness running rampant among all benders where their bending is not under control when they are sick. In order to keep Korra safe from this, everything is tried. Because, if the Avatar were to catch this sickness, the world would be in grave danger. What about a cure? Is there a cure for this sickness? What is it? How is it made? Join Korra and her friends as they try to escape this sickness all the while trying to find a cure and stop these innocent yet out of control sick benders from destroying their hometowns and people they love.

    (Just an idea. Welcome to any changes to it or any new ideas!)
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  2. I would be interested in it-- how about it being a spirit that is causing the sickness?

    I'd like to be the evil villain... perhaps an earth bender...

    I'll work on a background.
  3. Wonderful! That would be fantastic! Let your friends know as well. It would be better if this were a group RP I think! ^^ Unless you just want it to be us...I'm up for anything! ^^ Also, love the spirit idea about how a spirit is causing the sickness! That would rock! 8D

    About your character background, just let me know when your done. ^^
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  4. Gwei Shi-Nu
    Age: 25
    Appearance: (Made her using http://www.dolldivine.com/avatar-the-last-airbender.php)

    Show Spoiler

    She is the daughter of an earthbender who practiced the old ways with spirits... and in doing so, something quite evil has found its way into the young body of Gwei-- someone who had a bright future.

    Then the killing started.

    Will Republic City be safe again?

    -she likes bending metal and also lava.

    XD ^Because I felt like it.

    And I also agree, this seems better for a group.
  5. This has my interest, I have some ideas for characters, but I'll try to make one the most interesting I can. I'm thinking either a waterbender who primarily uses ice or a new airbender who learned to control his bending not by other airbenders, but by watching waterbenders therefor giving his bending a unique style reminiscent of waterbending. Kind of like how General Iroh learned lightning redirection from watching waterbenders.
  6. This seems like a potential place to further flesh out my water bender who was raised in earth kingdom who practices something like the water bending equivalent of Iaido. She has something of a complicated relationship with her bending and how water tribe she looks. Long story short she is the child of a Water tribe merchant in a lover he had in a earth kingdom coastal city, who stopped showing around shortly after she was born, breaking her mothers heart and leading her to have something of a strong dislike water tribe in general. Practiced the bending because she was more talented at fighting than any other trade, and it made her mother smile to see something that made her think of her wayward father.
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