Legend of Artemsis Manor

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  1. So this is just an idea that I would like to do with someone. I'm looking for someone to play the lord of the manor for this. So here is the idea! There is lots to read so, get ready for reading!

    Legend of Artemsis Manor
    People have said that the original owner of Artemsis manor was a vampire, Dracula, even. The vampire was married to a werewolf and they both had a daughter... Elizabeth Kuro Dracul. After an incident where Elizabeth's parents were murdered, and she was hunted down by the priest known as Adam, Adam however despite him being an upstanding Priest wants to have Elizabeth as his "toy". When Elizabeth escapes she goes into hiding.

    In 1998 (Young lord's age: 5) The lord of Artemsis manor told his young son to never go into the attic under no circumstances should he ever go into the attic. However in 2007 (Young lord's age: 14) Something happened causing him to go up into the attic.

    2007 Attack on Artemsis Manor. (A scene that I would like to be part of the roleplay.)

    The young lord was asleep when a loud bang was heard down in the foyer. Jerked into the world of the living, the young lord heads for his bedroom door. Hearing the scream of his Aunt and then a gun shot, it made the young lord curious. Silently walking down the corridor to the foyer, the young lord prepares himself for what he;s about to see. On the bottom floor of the foyer was the corpse of his Aunt surrounded in a pool of crimson blood. Several men carrying guns looked about the foyer before heading up the stairs.

    "Spread out find the boy!"
    The young lord ran back down the corridor that he came from, heading directly to the stairs that lead up to the attic door. Etched into the door with a skillful hand were the words.
    "Death falls upon those who enter. One life never spared."
    The young lord ignored the words and the door, and pushed it open, stumbling into the attic which was illuminated only by the moonlight that streamed in. One of the corners was pitch black, but a grunting could be heard. The gunmen entered the room smiling when they found the young lord.
    "Lookie here."
    A loud growl from the corner erupted from the corner, and after a brief moment fear clouded the men's eyes as they saw something. A heavy black paw slammed down onto the floor, in a moonlit patch, it's toes spread out from the weight placed on it...

    So let me know if you're interested!
  2. I'm extremely interested! Pm me if your still looking for someone to do this role play with ^.^.
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