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  1. A girl had just ended up on a strange pirate ship and cant leave maybe she could stay to get tresure to feed her family or to keep it for her self.Even though pirates were quite normal there was one that was feared by all of them and its the captain of the ship this girl is on.
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    Erika is an attempt to escape her father's assigned bodyguard, she hid in an empty barrel. She knew that they were still in the area so she decide to make herself as comfortable as she could in a barrel. The heat and breeze were the deadly combination that caused her to drift to sleep. She was an extremely heavy sleeper, so the hammering of the lid and the rolling of the barrel onto the ship were movements lost in her dreamlike state. Her only fortune was that her barrel was the very last barrel brought aboard before the grand ship left the dock.
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  3. Dorian walked over to a large group of barrels looking for the one with rum in it. He opened the lid of the barrel to find a girl curled up inside of it "What is this" he said slightly annoyed that the crew had not checked the barrel before it got taken aboard the ship.
  4. Erika started to stir from her sleep. She stretched and yawned then looked up. Horrified by the pirate in front of her. She screamed, the sound of her scream magnified by the shape of the barrel.
  5. "Why are in a barrel and why are you screaming" he said then dragged her out of it by the collar leaving her on the wooden floor of the ship.He stood over her his eye fixed on her.
  6. "Y-You startled me...Where am I?" she said looking around at the room full of barrels. She slumped to her knees and started to tear up. She looked up at the pirate sniffling.
  7. "Your on a ship so please dont cry " he said offering her a hand up. There was a mark on his arm although it could not be seen clearly as his hand was out streached
  8. She hesitantly took his hand and stood up. Her hands were as soft as velvet and showed no sighs of labor. When her free hand she wiped away she falling tears. She could feel the sway of the ship, "Where is then ship going?" she said trembling a little. She had never been at sea and she had an extreme fear of drowning.
  9. "Where ever there is money to be taken" he said still not smiling he was not really the type to smile.His hands were now behind his back and he was craking his knuckles.
  10. "Can't we turn around and go back to town?" she asked frowning.
  11. He laughed slightly but still did not smile "Well we can drop you in the sea and you can swim back" he said to her
  12. "NO!" she nearly yelled, "I mean...No thank you." she looked down. All she wanted with a little 'me time' and then all this had to happen, "What are you going to do with me?" she asked timidly.
  13. "It's not my decisions it's the captains" he says then goes up a ladder to the deck of the ship.
  14. "Um...o-okay." She follows behind him, "Who's the Captain of this ship?"
  15. " I think you will know " he said leaning over to her.Suddenly a door opened and a young man in fine clothing walked out and over to the girl
  16. She stared up at him and took a huge gulp, "H-he-hello t-th-there...." she said clenching the ladder tightly.
  17. The captain looked at the girl for a moment "Why are you on my ship?" he finally asked his eyes now looking into hers.

    Dorian was stood next to her and was looking straight at the captain.
  18. "I-I don't know how I got here. I just woke and I was here...Your Highness." she said visibly shaking, "Sir." she added.
  19. "Just captain there is no need for sir or your highness" he said laughing slightly "Well you can either stay or you can go swimming with the sharks" he said his laughter had stopped but he was still smiling.
  20. "I-I can't swim..." she said looking down, "So...I'll stay." she continued softly. Erika looked up at him, "What do you need me to do?" she asked looking up at the captain, her hazel eyes glistened in the sunlight and her blond hair danced in the winds. The dress she wore was unfit for any work that could be done on a ship and she was obviously unskilled at any kind of labor. She asked herself what exactly she could do on a ship like this. She didn't wish to become the captain's woman. Men especially pirates usually frightened her, "Captain..." she added.
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