Legacy of the Red Ravens.

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    So who out there would care to partake in a high fantasy RP revolving around the exploits of a Mercenary band? This RP will be fantasy based with a mix of races. The usual as you would expect, Elven, Dwarf, Human, etc. As for the theme, I'm leaning towards a renascence/ medieval/ steampunk theme. As it is now the plot can go various ways, however I do have an initial plot in mind. Everyone will start out as hired personnel to the Red Ravens, whether or not you choose to remain loyal will be up to you. I would like to see a mix of characters here, not just the typical hired goon. The races you can choose from will be limited to dwarfs, humans, elven, and orcs. Each race will have various traits and weakness and will be described later. I will not expect everyone to be stalwart warriors, some of you may prefer to play as assassins, traders, diplomats, even researchers. What role you play will greatly influence the RP, so take caution on what path you choose to walk. Have your own agenda for taking part in this RP, other then making coin and fighting orcs. Form alliances, undermine the efforts of others, gain influence by any means necessary. Character death will be common, between open war and throat cutting I don't expect everyone to make it to the end of this RP in one piece. Touching back on the creativity of your character, create your own country of origin within your back story. Are you a mage working out of an empire controlled by mages? Are you a barbarian raider come from across the sea to seek fame and fortune? Or are you a runaway slave hiding from capture? These are the sort of things I like to see and are what make for an interesting RP. Everyone should contribute to building the world this RP takes place in. So if you're interested let me know and we can work on the minor details.

    Hand Written Letter. (open)

    Welcome to the Red Ravens, the most well respected mercenary outfit under the Empires employ. Some would call that an exaggeration, well they're mostly right. The Ravens have fallen on hard times, but this job could be the turning point. We've paid hard coin to get you here and now its your turn to fulfill your service to the Ravens. The Empire is at war with foreign powers in every direction, and now Orcs are pouring in from the North. Across the Frostbacks is a mountain trail that goes on for miles snaking across the mountain tops. This road is the only connection for Hinterland Orcs to pass into the Empire. If left unchecked this horde could wreck havoc on the valley below. The Legions of the Empire are spread thin, they have sent a small detachment of soldiers to aid us where they can, but this is little more than a formality. We are on our own out here, not just the Ravens but other mercenary bands who have taken the Empires gold and pledged their service. Its nothing short of a cluster fuck. Every sellsword is looking to carve his name in the history books, the Ravens are underpaid and overworked, that is were you come in. Perhaps a few extra hands can make up the difference... Now down to business. Don't expect to sit on your arse when you arrive. Scouts have indicated that the horde is forced to move slow while it trespass through the mountain, that gives us some valuable time to prepare. There is a old fort abandoned near the highest point of the mountains, we've thrown our lot into preparing the defenses there for a final stand. Some of the other mercs have a like mind and joined us in this effort. That's not all the scouts have told us. Some say they've seen a Wyvern roosting near the fort, could be shit could be true. The Orcs have deployed scouts of their own, and they tirelessly harass us day and night. Our first order of business is to find these Orc scouts and deal with them. I would advise you to keep to your own, other mercs see us as a potential threat. Eliminating competition is part of the game, no doubt you will find a dagger in the back if you're foolish enough to venture out on your own.

    Captain Harlin.

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  2. I like the sound of this, count me in.
  3. Sounds excellent. Most of the rps I've been in have spluttered and died. I think I may be cursed. Or does that happen a lot?
    Anyway, I'm always up for a medieval fantasy steampunk rp.
  4. Excellent, that makes two people. I'm sorry to hear that PostingOwl, mine have as well.
  5. I'd be up for something like this, if you get enough people that you'd start it up ^^ I'd honestly prefer a more fantasy-oriented one than steampunk, but that's mostly your choice.
  6. I was debating with myself on how complicated I should make this rp. First off I just want to say I want this to be as realistic as possible without taking away the fun of the game. One option was to have everyone start off with the bare minimal in regards to equipment and slowly work their way up to better gear. Since the area is based in a secluded environment, finding said gear would be difficult. To work around this I would incorporate a vendor or shop through the IC where characters can buy and sell whatever they find while RPing. Also every week I will add an allowance of sorts for each character, which they can save or spend as they choose. Lastly I think it would be fun if I gave out missions for characters. Completing these missions will produce more coin, rank, and respect. Does anyone think this is becoming too complicated?
  7. This seems really interesting! Is this still open to join? I really like all the ideas you have, I don't think it's becoming too complicated at all, honestly.
  8. Yes of course, the more the better.
  9. This sounds interesting...might be joining as well :)
  10. Sounds cool. I might join.
  11. well if everyone is genuine in their interest I will go ahead and create an ooc thread. This may take some time, a day or two at the most. I intend to have the ooc filled with as much information as possible. If anyone has an idea for a country or region in which their character hails from PM me and I shall incorporate into the thread.
  12. Can I make a map once you have everything planned out? I loooove making maps!
  13. Yes, that would be so helpful. I suck at making maps.
  14. I'd like to throw in on this as well.
  15. I'm potentially interested as well.
  16. If this is something that is going somewhere, I'll throw my name into the hat.
  17. I think it died a painful and terrible death.
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