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  1. Not a lot of people know this, but once you hit a certain amount of playing time on the beloved game Minecraft, you get sucked into the game. Somehow, Notch has figured a way to bring actual players into the game. Once inside, everything is just as real as the world you were born in. Welcome to Minecraft, do us all a favor, and don't bother.


    Ana moved through the forest easily. After a year of living in the square shaped hell you adapt, learn. Her leather boots sank into the snow. She chose a winter biome to live in. No one dared enter this area. No one had sufficient enough clothing or materials to go to far into the everlasting winter. She poked her red haired head through the oak tree she was climbing. All around her was snow and trees. She was hoping to kill something today. A zombie sounded good at this point. She was looking for anything, a chicken, a zombie, and if she was really lucky a pig or a cow. Sheep don't offer eatable meat, and will poison you.

    She glanced around, her sharp green eyes shallow in their sockets. It had been a week since her last meal of anything other than bread and pumpkin seeds. Her stomach trembled and mouth watered when she thought of getting her hands on a plump and square chicken.
  2. Stormy sat at her computer, logging into Minecraft for the umpteenth time that day. Her fingers moved on instinct across the keyboard, her username and password engraved into her mind. She absentmindedly clicked the 'New World' button, typing in seed, title, and setting herself to Hardcore mode. {This time I'll survive} She hit the 'enter' key and waited as her world started loading. But when the brown dirt pattern faded away, her screen went black. She tapped 'escape' a few times, then sighed with annoyance. {Not again}. She went to turn off her computer, but the screen lit up again. A winter biome. And... {Is that a new version of a Witch's Hut or something?} She pressed 'w', but nothing happened. The screen began to pulse and expand, seeming to envelop her consciousness...
  3. Ana looked around the wilderness, dodging trees as she ran towards the cow. She pulled out an iron sword, it was light in her grasp and she twirled it easily. She was just about to slice through the animals heart when a flash of light lit up the dark sky. Great, a new player. She thought to herself. She finished off the cow, cutting its throat easily. Letting it bleed out was better for the meat. She cleaned and cut it there on the forest floor. She wrapped the good meat it little cuts of leather from previously killed animals. She tucked it away safe into the bag that hung at her hip. She moved towards where the light had flashed, wary of who she'd come across.

    She walked into a clearing. The trees were scarred with black char from the explosion. There, in the middle was another girl. She was already sinking into the snow. Frostbite would sink in soon. She would be dead by afternoon, and a new player is never ready for the harsh elements of the game. She was lucky that her muscles had grown strong and raw over the span of time she'd lived here. It was easy for her to sling the girl over her shoulder. Ana wasn't sure weather or not she would regret helping her, but she was sure that she could take this new player. Ana carried her back to her home. It wasn't much, but it kept her warm, and kept her safe from the undead things that walk this place during the night. The creepers were especially annoying, and she couldn't count how many times she had been forced to make repairs to her house because of the exploding nuisances. And cleaning up their blood wasn't the nicest experience either.
  4. Stormy was aware of her surroundings, but she couldn't move her body at all. It wouldn't respond when she told it to move. {Ugh... what...?} A girl was carrying her... there was snow on the ground... but nothing looked right to her. {Where am I? What happened?} The trees looked normal enough, but they were all square and blocky. The sword the girl carried was also sort of block-ish. {Looks like a Minecraft sword... minecraft... oh god... how in the heck...? I'm in Minecraft...?} She tried to move as she was taken to the house she had seen on her screen, but nothing moved.
  5. (Here, I got a pic of Stormy for you)
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    Ana set the girl down on the bed and covered her with a blanket. She didn't plan on taking care of her for long, but the girl was laying in the snow for a good 15 minutes before Ana found her and that's enough to set in acute Hypothermia, and lets face it, this world could use a little more compassion. Ana walked over to the small coal powered furnace and placed the meat on the shelf. It would cook for a a good half an hour before it was good enough to eat. In the mean time, Ana snacked of some stale bread. She moved about her house silently. It was a large place, and she had done plenty of expanding during her time here. Two floors and the second floor balcony was a nicely sized garden. She also dug out a basement, and on a recent trip to the nether, gathered enough Blaze Rods to make a few brewing stands.
  7. Stormy's eyes fluttered open, and she took a look around. {Big place...} she thought to herself. {Is this the house I saw earlier?} She was shivering and cold, the blanket over her not doing much to penetrate the frost. {So cold...} "Hey..." She said weakly. She tried to gather up a bit more strength. "Hey!" She called out, her teeth chattering. {If this is Minecraft... cold shouldn't exist.}
  8. Ana flinched, "Do me a huge favor and don't yell." her voice was soft but ice-y. "You just spawned huh? No one here would be stupid enough to wander through the snow biome in that." Ana mumbles gesturing to the girls outfit. "Are you still freezing? Let me light up the furnace, that should help a little." She really was trying to be nice, but after one whole year of nothing but ignorance and cold shoulders, there's not much niceness left in her.
  9. Stormy was still kinda dazed. "Who... who are you?" She was extremely grateful for the heat, feeling the cold melt away ever so slightly. "Sorry, but I wasn't planning on visiting Minecraft this afternoon. I was hoping that I'd get to vacation in World of Warcraft instead." She knew she shouldn't be sarcastic with her benefactor, but she couldn't help it.
  10. "I'm Ana." She turned to glare after the girls sarcastic remark, "Look girl, I can appreciate sarcasm every now and then, but do you think now is really the time?" She asked harshly turning back to open her chest. Luckily she had some wool saved up, and there was an abundance of wood in the forest. She quickly crafted a bed, and some stone tools. She stuffed them into a sack and tossed them to the girl. "There. You can go whenever."
  11. "What...? I thought this was all a joke..." Stormy sat down on her bed. "This really is Minecraft...?" She picked up the sack, looking inside. "So, Ana... does that mean that things like Creepers and Endermen and all that... They really exist now?" She picked up the sword, staring at it strangely. "I can't believe it."
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