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Left Behind

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Celest, May 6, 2012.

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    Have you ever been left behind? Did it scare you? Did you actually like it? Where you older when it happened or younger? Were you always by your mother's sides so you wouldn't be left? Would you ever leave your child?

    Would you character ever leave their child behind? Would it be on purpose or by accident? What would their reaction be once they realized the mistake? Would it be a humorous scene? A scary one?

  2. I don't remember ever getting left behind, but my dad did forget to pick me up from my orchestra practice once. Fortunately I was a teen at the time so I was okay waiting and didn't panic. We have had parents at my school forget to pick up their kids, have a mix-up with who was supposed to pick up, or just get lost in their work and not notice the time. It's panic-inducing for parents at the time, but later on it's funny when everything turns out okay. You have to laugh about it in order to not be paralyzed with fear, but you are more aware in the future. But you also do have compassion for those who forget their kids and things DON'T turn out okay.