Left Behind {Need new members}

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  1. We are always accepting so please feel free to join. We need as many new members as we can get. Here is the plot:

    A deadly virus has killed 99% of the population the 1% that survived have become angels half good half bad. The good angels though powerful are being hunted by the bad ones. The good angels are called white angels and the bad ones are called the dark angels. The dark angels are hunting the white angels if they find them they turn them into dark angels. The dark angels can sense white angels and vice versa. when a dark angel finds a white angel they put their hand on the white angels wings and burn them making them black. All dark angels have black eyes and sharp vampire like teeth there's a way to save white angels after they are turned but its different for each. After an angel is turned they remember nothing of their life as a white angel their friends anything.

    If you would like to join: