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Yeah. I bought it. And I've been looking for friends to help me get past the finales on certain campaigns, not necessarily because I need the help, because while I'm certainly not good I'm good enough that I can get by on easy just fine... But because the reason I bought the game was because I wanted to be able to play it with friends, and the friend who I got it to play it with... refuses to play the finales.

So. Anyone on L4D2 and wanna play some campaigns on easy for fun? Look me up- the name's PsyZombie. =)

EDIT: I play on PC, not XBox. xD Forgot to mention that important detail before.
I can be of assistance if you'd like.

Tsuki Ame Bara
OOO! OOO! Pick me! Pick me! Oh, and join the Iwaku Group on Steam!
Ecks Bawks tree siddy or PEE CEE?

Oh, sorry about that- I'm on PC, but if there are any other players on XBox, you guys can set up a game on there, too. :3

TNT, Miru, are you guys on PC or XBox?
PC ALL THE WAY! Oh, and why didn't you respond today? You said hi and then went silent...
Meh, just wait until you try Realism on Expert mode. INSTA-KILL WITCH, 3-hit everything else, 5-hit zombies. XD
Hmmmm i suck at it, so I can't help you. But I can suggest you look up smokerxhunter pairings, they're actually very very cute. When the smoker isn't raping the hunter of course.
Member of the Master PC Race here. CardboardBoxie.

I play it pretty often.

Witch up ahead, guys.

Flashlights off, okay? Just move around her, slowly.

Keep your distance, and we'll be fine. Francis, I said flashlights off. Didn't you hear me?

Dude, what are you--

No, don't get so fuckin' close if your flashlights on, she'll--



Shit like this is why I don't play L4D much anymore...
Oh, you guys take this game TOO SERIOUSLY.

*when not playing with friends it the one two triggers the Witch while wearing a trollface*

I startle the witch and then kill her.
Good fun. Extra points.
I startle the witch and laugh like a idiot as it chases me around & I lead it back to the main group

Oh man, if any of you run into Steve. tell 'em 'DoubleGibs says hi!'
Steam group? STEAM GROUP!? Since when the fuck have we had a Steam Group!?
Since CoD:MW2 came out. I decided to make a Steam Group to kind of help with Iwaku recruitment. Though I'm not sure how many people, if any, have been recruited via the group.